Lilly of the Valley

I fully recognize that for many people, the idea of pink and orange conjures up images of the county club set decked out in Lilly Pulitzer. I'll admit, some Lilly fashions are over the top (you should check out their menswear...yikes!), but they really do have some cute things.

Today, dresses.

This Catherine dress would be ideal for an outdoor barbeque or a casual summer wedding.

The pale pink elephants on the skirt of this Ellery dress make me think that this would be super cute for a baby shower.

This Newport dress is my favorite. With the sleeves, the bold pattern, and the darker touches, it could be worn in all seasons, for all different types of occasions.


  1. What?! You say the menswear is over the top? I don't know what you're talking about. I can totally see Eric in these http://www.lillypulitzer.com/Pants-and-Shorts/Phipps-Pant-Patched/invt/70290&bklist=invt,5,colone,,mens,mensbottoms.

  2. I saw that Ellery dress and immediately thought, "Uh oh...Ellie's name is going to get trendy." Too bad they didn't have a preggo version last summer for my baby shower. Love all your posts!

  3. Michelle: Eric is a clotheshorse...someday he might just be down with pants like that :)

    Laura: I had a similiar thought when I saw the name of the dress too! Even if her name gets popular, she'll still be the cutest Ellie out there!