PB and Awesome

I was browsing the Pottery Barn Teen website the other day to see what they had in pink and orange. Well I quickly found out that PB Teen has a ridiculous amount of super-adorable pink and orange decor. Bedding, rugs, lighting, everything. There is waaay to much to link to, so I'll feature a few cute pink and orange rooms today, and a few more tomorrow.

I would pack up and move into this bedroom right now. I'm particularly fond of the bookcase with the cutouts.

And if you want your bathroom decor to match, then here it is!

The two most awesome things about this bedroom: the light fixture and the bed with built in storage on the side. Genius!

This bedroom proves why PB Teen is fantastic: their products rarely look like they are marketed solely towards 12-year-olds. This room is young and hip, but certainly not child-like.

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