Slip It On

This fantastic slipcover takes a basic Ikea chair to a whole new level.


As a Bug in a Rug

My pal Madison pointed me in the direction of Madeline Weinrib Atelier, where Ms. Weinrib is putting some beautiful textiles to work in all sorts of fun ways: rugs, upholstry, handbags, etc.

Take a look:


To A Tea

I'm cutting back to one-a-day blog posts this week. I've been super busy at work and haven't had as many great pink and orange finds lately. So, quality trumps quantity!

I would like to adopt Jonathan Adler as my uncle. Seriously, I can't take it. How totally fantastic are these tea towels?

Really. I can't stand it.


Bib Baby

Cute bib from rikrak!

Logo A-Gogo

Jud and I were in New England this weekend, so naturally we saw about a million Dunkin Donuts.

Which made me think, what other stores or businesses have pink and orange logos? The only one I could come up with is Swoozie's, but there must be more.

A Lofty Goal

I can attest that Ann Taylor Loft rarely carries anything in pink and orange, so I was happy to see these two items in the New Arrivals section.

Linen shorts.

A paisley dress.


Pen Pals

What a cute and summery stationary set from Galison. They have lots of fun stuff.

Missed the Marc

Oh Marc Jacobs. Sometimes you're awesome:

And sometimes you're awful:

Come on Irene

Apparently this cute room belongs to a 3-year-old named Irene. Can I get a side job designing little girls' bedrooms? Please?


Back to Basics

Love pink and orange but not as crazy about patterns as I am? Here are a couple of bold bedding options.

These guys and some of their cousins can be found here.

But You'll Only Wear It Once

Somehow I ended up on someone's baby blog the other day and discovered that apparently all the hip moms these days are bringing their own hospital gowns with them. You know, so you'll look all fresh and fabulous after having gone through labor. I guess in theory the idea isn't that bad, but seriously, a $95 "designer" hospital gown?

I guess it's cute enough for what it is, but I'm really not down with the price. If someone really wanted to wear something other than a regular old hospital gown, this seems like it would be a pretty easy sew-it-yourself project.

You'll Grow Into It

Nurseries are SO cute these days. Ohdeedoh features dozens of cute kids in cute, modern nurseries each week. The simplicity and sophisticated make so many of them the kind of rooms that kids can really grow into. Check this one out:

The lucky kid who has this room is only 2, but switch that crib out for a bed and that room is good for years to come.


Step by Step

I'm always a big fan of colorful, patterned rugs (shock!), so I'm loving the cool stripes, plaids, and florals from Dash & Albert. This runner really brightens up these stairs!

The Right Tool for the Job

Need a place to keep your pink and orange ax? How about this toolbox from Alice Supply Company?


Oh Kate Spade, why do you tempt me so? Seriously, I don't have $425 to spend on fancy dresses.

She even has red hair! So cruel...


Bed Head

Amy Butler designs lovely textiles in lots of great colors and patterns. Apparently she is expanding her line to include bedding, which will be available at Bed Bath and Beyond in the near future.

Looks like it was a good decision!

I Screen, You Screen

Check out this awesome hand-screened wallpaper from Flavor Paper.

Interior Inspiration, Part 4

My blog is starting to feel like an Apartment Therapy rip-off, but there are just too many beautiful interiors to ignore. See?!

This tufted bed is AMAZING. I love that it has arms, like a sofa. Seriously, I am totally jealous of this 9 year old.


Interior Inspiration, Part 2

Love the arrangement of the frames on the wall in this bedroom and, of course, the pops of color on the bed. The throw pillow and blanket look like Ikea, while I think the floral pillows are an old Marimekko for Crate and Barrel.

Interior Inspiration, Part 3

This is a great use of an oddly shaped space. Fabulous!

Interior Inspiration, Part 1

As promised, today delivers some great pink and orange interiors.

An Indian inspired living room.


To Boldy Go...

There have been tons of fantastic pink and orange designs featured on Apartment Therapy this week. So in addition to today's posts, there will be lots to come next week. I'm glad to see that there are other people using pink and orange in their home decor, and that it looks so sophisticated. See!

There is so much color going on in this room, but it has just the right amount of white to balance it out. Seriously, this living room is fantastic.

Lounge Lizzard

Check out the huge pink poodles in this swanky lounge. I'd totally hang there.

I've Been Framed!

These framed fabrics are a great idea!


Bake It Pretty

I've got a lot of baking projects going on this week. As a lover of cupcakes, I could easily spend a large chunk of my paycheck at Bake it Pretty, where you can find cute cupcakes liners like these:

Browse around for tons of other cute baking items.

Keep on Choppin'

Here's something I did not expect to find in pink and orange....an AX.

This designer ax (why it's only $350!) and more from Best Made Company.

Straight from the Source

Even more sweet finds from Paper Source today.

Cute labels!

What a pretty way to get organized!

I love finding fun, whimsical notepads.

And a pretty patterned album.


The Paper Source for Pink and Orange

Paper Source is a fun paper store to root around in and has lots of fun goodies for those that like to DIY. There is a fairly new store here in Atlanta, although I haven't been yet. I went to the one in Georgetown many times, and it was always a cheery place to ogle stationary.

I have a friend who is expecting a baby girl...

This handmade Indian paper would be lovely for bookbinding.

Say thank you in French...

or in Spanish!

Nag a Napkin

I own a set a cocktail napkins in this same print, although they didn't come from Crate and Barrel. It's a large, graphic floral print, so each of the napkins looks different. Perfect!

Tiny Shoes

Yesterday we looked at some adorable girls' clothes from Crewcuts. Now, some shoes that should totally come in adult sizes as well.

These shoes are very cute...

but bows make everything better!

And then, of course, there are flowers.

All lovely!


Get Your Kicks

Sneaks from Nine West.

I Enjoy Being a Girl

Sometimes when scrolling through the clothes on the J Crew website, I come across something surprisingly adorable and girly. "Fantastic!" I think. Then I click on it, and of course, it is from Crewcuts, J Crews lovely line for little ones.

Case in point:

A breezy summer dress.

If we'd had a flowergirl in our wedding, this dress would have been perfect.

A dreamy, floaty skirt.

Seriously, I would wear all of these unapologetically. Come on J Crew, make them in grown up sizes!