Yours Truly: Wedding Footwear and Flowers

There is a lot of pink and orange from our wedding to share, so I'm going to split it up. Today, I've [arbitrarily] chosen to feature footwear and flowers!

My wedding shoes! They were Nine West, and on sale!

Bridesmaid shoes! Also Nine West, and also on sale! These were some serious heels, and I so appreciate that all the ladies wore them. They looked fabulous!

And for the guys–pink argyle socks.

Ahhh, the wedding flowers. They were so beautiful. Some of my parents' oldest friends in town are florists, and they put together the MOST amazing flowers for the wedding. My requests were rather non-traditional (like asking for as little greenery as humanly possible), and they entirely exceeded my expectations.

One of the adorable pew arrangements...or whatever you call these. Each of these bouquets was a little different, and they were fantastic. Word up to Woods Flowers.

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