Explosion of Pink and Orange

With July 4th coming up and a weekend trip to North Carolina, I'm taking a blogging break until next week. So, happy Independence Day! Hooray for fireworks!

Summer of 73

Check out these cute cards from NineteenSeventyThree, via Print and Pattern.


Pepe in love.

Special delivery.


I don't know what is going on here, but I like it.


Fall into the Gap

An easy breezy summer dress from Gap.


Fruit Punch

I featured some fun fashions by Trina Turk yesterday. She also has a line of bold fabrics. Here are a few faves. They are all named after different "flavors" of punch, which really embody the playfulness of these prints.


Turk Me Away

Trina Turk has the funnest (totally a word...) prints I've seen in a while. These look the kind clothes I would always wear first thing after having done the laundry.


Period Dress

Check out this still from Coco Before Chanel with Audrey Tautou. What a fabulous frock!



These red and orange egg chairs from Ikea have always been a favorite. I remember when my buddy Leuwam really wanted to get one, despite the fact that no one over 3 feet tall could ever fit in one of these things.

Sometimes it would be nice to crawl in a chair and pull the cover over you, then "hatch" out when you're ready. I would totally get one in a grown up size. There's something both very Dali and very introspective about the whole thing.

P.S. Cute rug too.


Tote-ally Fantastic

This looks like the perfect tote for a weekend trip...or running errands around the city...or for work...



Southern Comfort

This bedroom is perfection. So crisp and cheery!

Looks like it's from a Southern Living house from back in 2005.


Pucci Pumps




Like Mother, Like Daughter

Considering that this dress was reasonably priced to begin with, and then went on sale, it's totally not surprising that this adorable J Crew dress has sold out. Love the cheerful pattern and the braided belt.

J Crew has several items in this print, including these cute pants for little girls. What a snazzy way for mother and daughter to match!


Bringing it Home

H&M is starting a line of home goods! Ok, so it doesn't look like it'll be making its way to the US anytime soon, but we can still ogle.

Via Apartment Therapy. (There are 3 other cute lines as well, they're just not pink and orange...)


Garden Party

Cute furniture finds from sprucehome on Etsy.


Mid-Century Madness, pt. 4

I left town on Thursday evening to go to my brother's and Jud's sister's high school graduation, so I sort of fell off the blogging train. This is a super crazy week for me at work...so we'll see how many posts I actually accomplish.

Here are a couple more wacky interiors for the interim.

If there ever was a pink kitchen, this would be it.

I'm not really sure what this room is–maybe a make-up/dressing room? Whatever it is, it is certainly fabulous!


Mid-Century Madness, pt. 3

I've had a lot of fun with this series of posts. I'd like to imagine that all of these pink and orange rooms are in the same house, inhabited by a nutty family of four and their grandma, who knits them pink and orange scarves.

The bathroom! Pink drawers, orange cabinets. And the SERIOUSLY AWESOME monogrammed towels. Looks like pink and orange striped wallpaper too.

Jud thinks those swirly chairs are pretty hideous, and I have to agree, they are rather crazy. Especially two of them together. I'm also curious about the odd building block cabinet thing in the corner. It seems like would make more sense in a kids' room. But hey, some of my favorite stuff comes from the children's section at Ikea, so no judgment.

I totally love the artwork on the back wall though.


Mid-Century Madness, pt. 2

More "Practical Encylopedia" fabulosity today. This is fun.

If it weren't for those crazy-loud curtains, I think most people might actually find this room tasteful. I think said curtains make the room, but to each his own. The dining table and chairs off in the corner look like exactly what I'd like for our current apartment. The coffee table is really good too.

Madness...for kids! The purple and orange sideboard? Genius. The rocking chairs? Insanity. The pink screen? Fantastic. The orange checkerboard floor? Yes please.

P.S. I would like a yellow tractor like the one above.

P.P.S. I just noticed the wacky green seal on the shelf! This kid's room keeps getting better and better!


Mid-Century Madness, pt. 1

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing Flickr, looking for some pink and orange inspiration, since I've been lacking in that department lately. Well, I hit the motherload.

I stumbled upon a few scans of seriously fantastic (and totally kooky) rooms from the 60s, then realized that they were all from the same place: "The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement." So, I Googled said book. Then I discovered that it was actually a set of 18 encyclopedias from 1971. And it looks AWESOME. See?!

The dresser with different colored drawers? The half and half table? The print? The window coverings? The weird cow thing? It is out of control how much I like this room.

Compared to most of my finds from this set, this room is TAME. Check out the awesome rug though.

Just...wow. That carpeting! The pink beams! The crazy wicker chairs. Is that a pink ceiling fan? This room is bananas.

Clearly, I NEED this set of encyclopedias. So a few clicks on Ebay, and bam, these babies should be in my arms by next week. I may not be able to pay my rent, but we all have to make sacrifices. I plan to read all 18 books from cover to cover, while coveting every unusual pink and orange item along the way. Then, when people come over and say that the colors in our apartment are a little...bold...I will have proof that, no, actually, our place is quite tame.

I'll be featuring more fabulously crazy home decor all this week. I guaranty amazement. And you're only seeing the pink and orange rooms! You woudn't beleive the other stuff...


Yours Truly: Wedding Cake

Let's revisit the wedding...this time: cake. I knew I wanted the cake to be fun, and not white. Not at all white. Angel, a great local baker, put up with all my unusual requests and created this fantastic cake.

Each layer was a different flavor. If I remember correctly, there was vanilla on bottom, then chocolate, lemon, and strawberry on top. I chose the designs for the different layers based on some others I'd seen online, particularly this one. Jud and I decorated mini artist figures to make the cake toppers.