Mid-Century Madness, pt. 1

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing Flickr, looking for some pink and orange inspiration, since I've been lacking in that department lately. Well, I hit the motherload.

I stumbled upon a few scans of seriously fantastic (and totally kooky) rooms from the 60s, then realized that they were all from the same place: "The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement." So, I Googled said book. Then I discovered that it was actually a set of 18 encyclopedias from 1971. And it looks AWESOME. See?!

The dresser with different colored drawers? The half and half table? The print? The window coverings? The weird cow thing? It is out of control how much I like this room.

Compared to most of my finds from this set, this room is TAME. Check out the awesome rug though.

Just...wow. That carpeting! The pink beams! The crazy wicker chairs. Is that a pink ceiling fan? This room is bananas.

Clearly, I NEED this set of encyclopedias. So a few clicks on Ebay, and bam, these babies should be in my arms by next week. I may not be able to pay my rent, but we all have to make sacrifices. I plan to read all 18 books from cover to cover, while coveting every unusual pink and orange item along the way. Then, when people come over and say that the colors in our apartment are a little...bold...I will have proof that, no, actually, our place is quite tame.

I'll be featuring more fabulously crazy home decor all this week. I guaranty amazement. And you're only seeing the pink and orange rooms! You woudn't beleive the other stuff...

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