Mid-Century Madness, pt. 3

I've had a lot of fun with this series of posts. I'd like to imagine that all of these pink and orange rooms are in the same house, inhabited by a nutty family of four and their grandma, who knits them pink and orange scarves.

The bathroom! Pink drawers, orange cabinets. And the SERIOUSLY AWESOME monogrammed towels. Looks like pink and orange striped wallpaper too.

Jud thinks those swirly chairs are pretty hideous, and I have to agree, they are rather crazy. Especially two of them together. I'm also curious about the odd building block cabinet thing in the corner. It seems like would make more sense in a kids' room. But hey, some of my favorite stuff comes from the children's section at Ikea, so no judgment.

I totally love the artwork on the back wall though.

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