Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 6

On Wednesday I wore my trusty pink pencil skirt and orange tank.

This photo does my toes no justice, as they are practically glow-in-the-dark hot pink. I went for a pedicure with my mom with the intent of getting the most neon shade of pink in the shop. Success!


Sock Hop

Cute stripe-y socks from the Gap.


Ikat, Can You?

This Liz Claiborne t-shirt is fun, affordable, and an easy option for summer.


Easy Breezy

I thought I had posted this pretty J Crew top a while back, but I guess not. And now it's on sale!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 5

Finally, Day 5! It's been fun coming up with different pink and orange outfits for the week, but I am SO ready to wear a different color. I'll be out of town for the weekend, and my suitcase is packed with purple, red, black, gray, yellow, navy...everything but pink and orange!

Pink American Apparel tank, orange Ann Taylor Loft top, and the pink and orange flats are Old Navy. I'll include a detail shot of those next time I wear them. And my orange earrings.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 4

Wednesday I wore one of my favorite dresses. I saw it in the H&M window after brunch in Georgetown one day and knew that it was waiting just for me!

Dress is Marimekko for H&M, cardigan is Old Navy.

P.S. I'm standing next to the new wall decal that we just put up in our apartment. It's a perfect fit!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 3

Tuesday's outfit: A tank and one of my favorite skirts ever. It is reversible (!!!), and since the other side is pink, it will surely be making multiple appearances in the Challenge.

The tank is from American Apparel, and the skirt is Gap.

Earrings are cheapies from Compass in Waco, and the pom-pom necklace is Fred Flare.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 2

Here's what I wore to work on Monday. I hadn't planned on the black sweater, but I looked a little too much like a pack of highlighters for early on Monday morning.

Black sweater from Ann Taylor Loft, orange tank from Ann Taylor, pink jeans from H&M, and sandals from Giani Bini.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 1

I've been contemplating issuing myself a "Pink and Orange Challenge" for a month or so now, and I've finally decided to kick it off! So, here's the plan, I have lots of pink and orange clothes, and I'm going to see just how many outfits I can put together with what I've got. I'm kicking it off this week by wearing pink and orange every day, and then I will follow up with an outfit each week...until I run out of options.

So, here are my self-imposed "rules":
1. Each outfit must contain both pink and orange
2. Pink and orange must be the predominant colors, but black, white, navy, denim, and the occasional other color can be a part of the mix as well
3. Articles of clothing and accessories can be combined in different ways, but no entire outfits may be repeated
4. Following the "kick off" week, I will post a pink and orange outfit each Friday that I wore during the previous week

I'm looking forward to seeing how many outfits I can come up with! So, here is Day 1.

I wore this J Crew dress to a baby shower on Sunday. I bought it about a year ago because a friend called me to say that she had seen it at J Crew, on sale, and that I needed to go immediately and get it. It was the last one in the store, and my size. Score! The sandals are Gap.

I found these earrings with my mom at Kohl's. There is a coordinating bracelet as well, but I'll save that for another day.

And then there's my favorite orange accessory...my hair!


I'm Bagging You

Coach has a slew of fun new bags. Here's a few. I'm partial to the second two.


Block Party

I stumbled across Karen Millen's website, which has some very sharp looking clothes with lots of interesting seaming and color blocking.

I am just going to ignore the fact that they also sell harem pants. Yuck.


Home Plate

Melamine plates from Millamella on Etsy.


Flower Power

Where does one find such fabulous and huge (and presumably fake) flowers?!


On A Missoni

Continuing my trend of ripping off Apartment Therapy, check out some shots from the Hotel Missoni in Scotland. Looks like fabulously nontraditional place to stay!

On a different note, my blog and I aren't getting along lately. I always set up my entries to automatically post at 9 am...and they haven't done it correctly in a week or so. I'm sure there is an easy solution, I just haven't looked yet. So, posting is spotty until I get my act together.


Dazzling on the Ceiling

LOVE these lanterns, tissue paper puffs, and garlands on a nursery ceiling from ohdeedoh. Genius, and cheap!