Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 1

I've been contemplating issuing myself a "Pink and Orange Challenge" for a month or so now, and I've finally decided to kick it off! So, here's the plan, I have lots of pink and orange clothes, and I'm going to see just how many outfits I can put together with what I've got. I'm kicking it off this week by wearing pink and orange every day, and then I will follow up with an outfit each week...until I run out of options.

So, here are my self-imposed "rules":
1. Each outfit must contain both pink and orange
2. Pink and orange must be the predominant colors, but black, white, navy, denim, and the occasional other color can be a part of the mix as well
3. Articles of clothing and accessories can be combined in different ways, but no entire outfits may be repeated
4. Following the "kick off" week, I will post a pink and orange outfit each Friday that I wore during the previous week

I'm looking forward to seeing how many outfits I can come up with! So, here is Day 1.

I wore this J Crew dress to a baby shower on Sunday. I bought it about a year ago because a friend called me to say that she had seen it at J Crew, on sale, and that I needed to go immediately and get it. It was the last one in the store, and my size. Score! The sandals are Gap.

I found these earrings with my mom at Kohl's. There is a coordinating bracelet as well, but I'll save that for another day.

And then there's my favorite orange accessory...my hair!

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  1. Laura Holtry-HughesAugust 7, 2009 at 9:52 PM

    You know how much I heart that dress! It looks adorable on you.