Birthday Baby

Baby Ellie's first birthday was on Saturday! I can't wait to see pictures of her pink and orange birthday party next weekend. You've had a very cute first year Ellie, keep it up!

Laura and Ellie in their Lilly Pulitzer Mommy and Minnie dresses.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 10

I wore my reversible skirt and an orange top to work on Tuesday...then I came home, got a little sick, and ended up a rumpled, half-asleep mess on the couch. So, I thought I'd be kind and spare everyone a picture of that. Instead, I snapped a quick shot of the outfit on the bed.


In Tray-ning

What a delightful tray from Isak!


Back to Cool

It's back to school time, so in keeping with the ARDLP theme for the week, here are some really cute school-supply items.


Smashin', pt. 2

Didn't think the styles yesterday were kooky enough? Left wanting more?

Here you go:

I have to say, though, that despite being entirely nutty, I really do like the boldness and playfulness of all these pieces.


Smashin' Fashion

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada creates all sorts of fun and colorful clothing, accessories, and paper goods, but they also know how to bring the serious crazy. The website is in Spanish, but all the kooky fashions below were in the Museo section of the website. I don't know if this is referring to an online "museum" or an exhibit in an actual museum, but it totally doesn't matter.

Without further ado...

More tomorrow. Actually, this may end up taking all week.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 9

Clearly I should not wait until 10:00 pm to take my Challenge photos...as this was the best shot Jud got. Nice.

Pink top from Gap, orange sweater from Old Navy, black jeans from Loft.


That's Osa-mm

I have yet to actually visit a Martin and Osa store, and all I know is that they are somehow related to American Eagle. Regardless, here are a couple of good end-of-summer deals.

Striped tank.

Floral dress.


Strut It

As spring fashion shows actually happen in the fall, I'm about a year behind on this one. Anyways, here are some very bold pink and orange fashions from John Galliano's Spring 2009 collection.


Not the Norm Dorm

Jud's little sister, Corrie, has headed off to college at OU, and she went with a pink and orange theme for her dorm room. Love it! It seems like the stores come out with more and more cute dorm stuff every year.

My own little brother, Earl, is heading off to start school at Colorado School of Mines this week. I'm pretty sure that I won't have anything pink and orange to post from his room :)


Classic Modern

I stumbled upon the Classic Modern website the other day. It's source for vintage textiles, rugs, and homegoods. Take a peek!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 8

Thursday's outfit involved my favorite way to wear pink and orange: at equal intensities, where the two colors are almost indistinguishable.

Pink top from who knows where (maybe Loehmanns?) and orange dress from Loft. The dress gets extra points for having pockets! Purple shoes from Old Navy.


Let's Revisit

Oh dear, I've committed a major oversight.

A while back I posted this fantastic room, but apparently I failed to actually do any research about it. I didn't realize two things: 1) It was designed by the stupendous Jonathan Adler and 2) It is a Barbie MALIBU DREAM HOUSE. What?!?! My apologizes for failing to recognize this sooner. On top of that, I totally missed this homage to Barbie over the mantle.


I also recently posted about Trina Turk here and here. Well, while realizing my dream house snafu, I discovered that good old J.A. also designed her delightful store. See below.

So, apologies to Jonathan Adler. My bad. Click here to see more of his very clever interior designs.



Via some groovy Swedish architects via Apartment Therapy.

I want to go to there.


Fly, Let's Fly Away

Jud found these vintage TWA travel posters on Grain Edit. These are fantastic!