Hoppy Birthday

A few weeks ago the fashionable baby Ellie celebrated her first birthday! Laura kindly shared photos and details from the lovely pink and orange event. Here are just a few:

Daisies and a party hat! Laura said that she had a friend embroider both the hat and Elle's dress, then she jazzed it up with some pom-poms.

Pink and orange presents continue the theme.

SUCH an adorable cake! Seriously. A baker friend of Laura's whipped this up. Laura also guarantees that it was super tasty!

The happy family! Perfectly color-coordinated, of course! Laura ordered the J Crew top after seeing it here.

And the most important part-cake time! Such a happy baby :)


Apron Strings

Crate & Barrel just sent out an email with all of their fall goodies, and this adorable apron immediately caught my eye.

Festive, but not Halloween-y. I like it.


Ottoman Empire

Overstock.com has a new assortment of very colorful ottomans. See?

There is no indication of who manufactures these, but they do also come in green and blue.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 14

I am seriously starting to run out of warm weather options in pink and orange. I've got loads of ideas for the fall and winter...so let's hope it cools off soon around here.

Orange tank, black American Apparel wrap dress, pink shoes that I have had forever.


Cats and Dogs

It has been raining for days and there is no end in sight. So, while I wait for Noah to swing by and pick us up in the ark, I thought I'd share some cute rain boots.






Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 13

On Thursday I wore my pink jeans and a white top, but was really lacking in the orange department. I threw on a pair of orange earrings for good measure, but it didn't feel like enough.

THEN I went to the mall after work, and found some really fantastic shoes that were 75% off. Awesome! They are Sperry Topsiders in orange patent leather with mesh panels. Ridiculously fabulous. Or fabulously ridiculous? See for yourself!

As Martha would say, this is a very good thing.


Wildflower Power

In Georgia, there are a LOT of options for specialized license plates supporting an array of issues. There are some unsurprising options like local universities, military veterans, and various health-care causes. And then you have strange things like Georgia Junior Golf Foundation, Amateur Radio, Conditioned Air Association of Georgia...the list goes on. Check out all the options.

Anyways, on the way home from work yesterday, we were behind a car with the wildflower license plate below, which I had never seen before. Apparently it is a purple cone.

Who knew there was a pink and orange license plate option?



A cute dress by Tory Burch, and a great way to keep wearing pink and orange in the cooler months!


Great Kate

I need to lay off the Kate Spade for a while...but I just had to post a final few sale items.


Ladybug ring.

And a necklace.


Merry Mari

I never get tired of checking out Marimekko's inventive prints. Here are a few.

Tea towels.

Polka-dot bedding.

A cute tote.

The trees on this bedding kind of look like whisks!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 12

Thursday I wore a pink, orange, and navy patterned top from Loft with gray jeans. Easy!


Button Up

I'm late to update today, but I'll blame it on the fact that we are trying to switch internet providers and things have been a little slow.

Anyways, check out this cardigan by Kate Spade (who else?). Perfection!


Miss Liz

Oh my goodness there is sooooo much pink and orange ON SALE at Liz Claiborne! I saw the jewelry at Dillard's a while back, but at the time it wasn't yet on the website.

What fun! And while some pieces are decidedly summer, I think several of them could transition into the cooler months. And of course the jewelry is year round!


Neither Here Nor There

Here are a few pink and orange things I've been meaning to post for a while, but haven't. Let's just take care of them all at once.

This swingy Kate Spade top would be perfection with skinny jeans and flat sandals. P.S. It is on sale!

Bold bedding from an Apartment Therapy house tour.

I actually have this, but the colors on mine are a little more varied. It is AWESOME. It's the Balloona stool from Umbra. It was on sale in the museum shop, and after months of ogling, I finally gave in. (And yes, it is made of balloons!)

Hmmm...for just $10, I think I might need these Old Navy sandals.


Grab and Go

I'm on a hunt for a new purse. I've been using a great kelly green one for almost two years, but I'm ready for something new.

I ran across these two clutches from Kate Spade. Totally not what I need, but still cute!

I really like the weaving on this one.
What an adorable bow on this one!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 11

Jud and I made a long-weekend trip to Charleston to take advantage of his break between quarters and some furlough time that I have to use up. We spent four days walking all over town and eating delicious food. I decided to take off the day after we got back, though, before returning to work. I took this an as opportunity for a very casual pink and orange day.

I didn't leave home on Wednesday and hardly even brushed my hair, so this is a headless photo! Shorts from Loft, belt from Gap, tank from J Crew.



Jonathan Adler's website has just launched a new feature, Design Your Own! You can choose from different pillow and rug patterns and customize them to your content.

Here are a few rugs that I whipped up.

I have had my eye on the zebra rug for a while, so I'll choose that as my fave. It looks more like a skinned cartoon zebra than a skinned actual zebra.