Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 19

On Wednesday I wore an old H&M dress, a pink American Apparel belt, and black tights.

I'm sitting on our newly "reupholstered" love seat. And by "reupholstered" I mean one yard of fabric, some tucking and pinning, and 10 minutes.


Flat Out

Cute little girl flats from J Crew. But, I'm sorry, no 8-year-old needs $118 shoes.


Bundle Up!

It's beginning to look a lot like...performance fleece time at Old Navy. There are lots new of pink and orange accessories for staying warm.

Striped blanket.

And matching gloves.

A fringy scarf.

And a knitted one.

With its matching hat!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 18

I had to stay late at work on Thursday, and it was quite an evening. I was literally dealing with the blind leading the blind. Bottom line, I was more than a little frazzled when I got home. See?

I picked up the orange top at a little shop on our honeymoon in Argentina. The rest are old standards.


Throw It Over Your Shoulder

A fun little bag from Maxx New York.


Yours Truly: Birthday Bash

My birthday was last week, and while I'm not a super "birthday-ey" person, I had a great day. Jud and I got sandwiches (romantic!) from my favorite bakery for dinner, then went to a Halloween puppet show. Then this weekend, we had a fondue party with lots of friends. I even ended up with a few new pink and orange things!

My bunny birthday card from Jud. I got a cute dress along with it that may end up in the Challenge one of these days.

My coworker Lisa made me tasty birthday cupcakes! They had the most neon frosting I have EVER seen. We all had pink and orange mouths after lunch, but it was worth it.

My buddy Margaret gave me this cute little wallet. My old one, which I love, suffered an unfortunate run-in with an ink pen in my purse and is now scarred for life.

And Beth and Tucker bought me that adorable Crate and Barrel apron that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. This led Jud to realize that shopping for me would be much easier if he'd just check out the blog (or the Etsy list!) every now and then.

Thanks friends and family; let's do this again next year!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 17

I wasn't planning on Monday being a Challenge day, but with the wet weather, that's how it turned out!

Raincoat by the Gap. Goofy face by me.


Glove Love

I have several fun pairs of gloves: pink leather, yellow leather, purple sparkles...but these long pink and orange ones are just lovely!

From John Lewis.


Chair Affair

This has unexpectedly turned into Apartment Therapy week. But with finds like this, I just couldn't wait to share.

Business in the front...

Party in the back!


A Doll's House

Check out this super cute pack-and-go doll house from romp!

Via Oh Dee Doh.


Border Patrol

Apartment Therapy (there I go again) had a post last week about using simple moldings to add some visual interest to bare walls. And they had a great example!

Amazing, yet so simple! This could be fun in our bedroom, although the pink and orange wouldn't fly...


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 16

On Wednesday Jud asked if it was a Challenge day and said that it looked more like I was wearing purple and peach than pink and orange. I stand by my colors though!


Yours Truly: Anniversary Card

As I mentioned on Monday, our first anniversary was this weekend. Jud was very proud of the pink and orange card he made me, so I thought I'd share!


Righteous Rooms

Apartment Therapy had a post today all about pink and orange decor. Fantastic! Here are a few of the rooms they included.

This room is AMAZING. Drawers for stairs? A pink loft? Multi-colored drawer fronts? A pink desk chair? Divine.

Gorgeous chairs.

That wall!!! This reminds me a little of Elle's DC Apartment in Legally Blonde 2.

Pink and orange in a comfy setting. The orange scallops on the pillowcases are cute.

This wall paper is to die for!

The orange stripe is a great detail on the bedspread.

Super rug, super window shade, super desk chair.


Yours Truly: Jolly Dolly

My office at the museum is in an entirely separate building from our education center, which means I do a lot of lugging heavy stuff between the two places. Carts seem to be hard to come by and frequently go missing, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered a cart for our department, found a good hiding place for it, and decorated it in such a way that no one can mistake it as theirs.

My mom bought me some pink and orange duct tape a few months ago, and I'd been waiting for a good opportunity to use it. It was perfect for creating a head-turning cart!


Yours Truly: First Anniversary

Jud and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday! In honor, here are a few more photos from our wedding, which was the best pink and orange (and yellow and purple) affair I've been to yet!

Newly married and leaving the church!

My parents in pink and orange!

The cake-toppers that Jud and I whipped up the week before the wedding. I ordered the mini-models online, and we jazzed them up with some crafty scraps from my mom's closet. Mine had a big rhinestone on her left hand, but I think it must have fallen off in transport.

Cotton candy! Our caterer knew of a local pizza place that had a machine, and they ended up letting us borrow it for free. Daddy added pink food coloring to some sugar, rolled up a bunch of cones out of computer paper, and that was it!

The entrance to our reception site was a floor to ceiling glass wall, so we hung paper lanterns to add some interest.

Inspired by the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics, I ordered glowsticks for our reception farewell. People had fun dancing rave-style with them as well. I also ordered some goofy glow-glasses for Jud and I to wear during our exit...but in an attempt to be secretive, I ended up totally forgetting them at home. Oh well!

It's been a great first year; here's to a lifetime more!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 15

Thursday's outfit: a pink Loft dress and orange sweater. The weather has definitely been cooler this week, so hopefully I can start pulling sweaters, tights, and jackets out of the closet soon!


Lacquer Attacker

This is our bathroom set, from Jonathan Adler. It is a lovely orange laquer and one of the few sets that I have ever found to be aesthetically pleasing. And FYI, it is now on sale.

And now it comes in pink! Jud should be glad we got married last year, not this year.

A combination of pieces from both collections would be fantastically over the top.

P.S. I fully realize that these are digitally recolored versions of the same photo. They were the only shots of the complete sets I could find. You get the point.