Yours Truly: Birthday Bash

My birthday was last week, and while I'm not a super "birthday-ey" person, I had a great day. Jud and I got sandwiches (romantic!) from my favorite bakery for dinner, then went to a Halloween puppet show. Then this weekend, we had a fondue party with lots of friends. I even ended up with a few new pink and orange things!

My bunny birthday card from Jud. I got a cute dress along with it that may end up in the Challenge one of these days.

My coworker Lisa made me tasty birthday cupcakes! They had the most neon frosting I have EVER seen. We all had pink and orange mouths after lunch, but it was worth it.

My buddy Margaret gave me this cute little wallet. My old one, which I love, suffered an unfortunate run-in with an ink pen in my purse and is now scarred for life.

And Beth and Tucker bought me that adorable Crate and Barrel apron that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. This led Jud to realize that shopping for me would be much easier if he'd just check out the blog (or the Etsy list!) every now and then.

Thanks friends and family; let's do this again next year!

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