Yours Truly: First Anniversary

Jud and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday! In honor, here are a few more photos from our wedding, which was the best pink and orange (and yellow and purple) affair I've been to yet!

Newly married and leaving the church!

My parents in pink and orange!

The cake-toppers that Jud and I whipped up the week before the wedding. I ordered the mini-models online, and we jazzed them up with some crafty scraps from my mom's closet. Mine had a big rhinestone on her left hand, but I think it must have fallen off in transport.

Cotton candy! Our caterer knew of a local pizza place that had a machine, and they ended up letting us borrow it for free. Daddy added pink food coloring to some sugar, rolled up a bunch of cones out of computer paper, and that was it!

The entrance to our reception site was a floor to ceiling glass wall, so we hung paper lanterns to add some interest.

Inspired by the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics, I ordered glowsticks for our reception farewell. People had fun dancing rave-style with them as well. I also ordered some goofy glow-glasses for Jud and I to wear during our exit...but in an attempt to be secretive, I ended up totally forgetting them at home. Oh well!

It's been a great first year; here's to a lifetime more!

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