Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 23

Last Friday I wore one of my most favorite pink and orange pieces: a pink wool blazer from J. Crew. I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago and I love it.

Look! I'm outside! It may be getting dark at 5:30 these days, but I insisted.

Check out the fabulous buttons on the blazer! So perfect. Also, Jud told me that you're supposed to leave the first cuff button undone so that people know that your jacket has real, functional buttonholes. I'm not sure if this is as steadfast as the "never button the bottom front button" rule, but I'll trust that he knows more about blazers than me.

I bought these Steve Madden moccasins in grad school, when I absolutely could not afford them (or anything else for that matter). I saw them at Macy's with a friend, didn't get them, but couldn't stop thinking about them, so I finally went back. They're a little beat up now, but hopefully I can get them repaired.


  1. the buttonholes would seem proof enough without leaving a button undone - which defies the point of buttons.

    sew-on's don't have buttonholes.

  2. Good point. I guess the unbuttoning just makes it a little more obvious...but it's not like anyone actually notices such details.