Let It Snow

Our lovely wedding was photographed by the fantastic and talented Stephanie Davis, and I enjoy keeping up with her work on her blog. This week she posted an adorable photo of her cute-as-a-button little girl, Kate, and I had to share!

P.S. Happy New Year!


In the Box

I was just complaining to Jud this evening about being soooo tired of people (especially bloggers) incorrectly throwing around the word "curated." Stack of t-shirts? May be cool, but not curated. Shelf of books? I don't think so. Your iTunes playlist? Umm, no. An exhibit in a gallery or museum? NOW we're talking. Slate and BusinessWeek agree with me.

Anyways, back on task. I saw this Innovator Curated Desk Set somewhere or another last week, and while I dislike both the misuse of the word and the $145 price tag, it does look like a fun box of goodies.

Vent over.


The Bangles

If I had a 3-digit bracelet budget for the holidays (wouldn't that be fun!), I think I'd layer these Kate Spade bangles.


Take a chance.

Top notch. My fave.


Home on the Range

I'm in Texas visiting my family for Christmas and did some great shopping with my mom yesterday in Austin. Many items will make future appearances on the Challenge, but until then, here are some super adorable shoes I tried on.

The are Ann Klein, and we found them at Macy's. The colors are more vivid in person, and the patent leather flower is very fun. I didn't end up getting them, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for them to go on sale!


Against the Grain

I intended to take a break from just the Challenge, not the whole blog...but now it's Wednesday, and clearly that didn't happen.

With holiday traveling and general busyness, posting will be light at best, but I hope to return with lots of new inspiration!

In the meantime, check out this pattern from hellomeghunt's Flickr stream. Faux-bois!


Taking a Break

Did you miss me yesterday? I looked up, it was Friday, and I hadn't worn pink and orange together all week. I've been doing this since July, and I decided that I need a little break from The Challenge. I still have lots of outfits to catalog, and I'll be back in full force after the holidays.


Ruff Stuff

Fido getting chilly in this cold weather? A plaid coat from Old Navy to the rescue!


It's a Wrap

This time of year, I often find myself singing "Fa la la la la, french vanilla" to myself. Thanks Cool-Whip. Maybe Kate Spade's cute scarf would shut me up (and keep me warm)!


Going Dotty

A throwback: the Circles Fabric from Alexander Girard. Often imitated, never duplicated.

From the just-ended "What was Good Design?" exhibit at MOMA.


Wrap It Up

Jud pointed me in the direction of this great wrapping paper from Felt & Wire. Great for Christmas, or any other occasion!

The architectural one is my fave.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 24

On Tuesday I wore a top from Urban Outfitters with a black skirt and tights. And I have a new prop to pose with: our fantastic tinsel Christmas tree!


Seal the Deal

I'm contemplating becoming one of those crazy coupon ladies. The jury is still out on my actual commitment, but I've already run into the headache of juggling a stack of coupons at the grocery store. Maybe this would help!

This sleek pink envelope is from Ann Taylor Loft. It's $15.00, but they've had nonstop 30% off offers for the past several weeks. And, did you notice...

...the orange piping? Makes it even better!


Sunrise, Sunset

Angela Adams does no wrong in my book. Here is the Sunset rug from her new Birds and Bees collection.


Grab Your Smelling Salts

A very long time ago, Jud sent me this image he saw on fffound.

The divine fainting couch is from Squint, who mixes their prints, patterns, and colors like nobody's business.

Which reminds me...I've been meaning to mention Staceage, a local fabric and upholstery store of a somewhat similar vein. There isn't anything exclusively pink and orange for me to post, but I am telling you it is the coolest place ever. They have the most amazing designer fabrics and trims in every color.