Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 30

It's the 30th outfit! I wore pink and orange on Friday this week, so I couldn't post until today. It was a much more subtle look than last week–I wore jeans, boots, a gray tank, and a pink and orange brocade jacket from Fossil.


A Cut Above

Check out this fun and fresh cutting board from Lotta Kuhlhorn, via Huset, which is one of those websites where you kind of want to buy everything.


A Nice Spice

Although not necessarily a style I'd use in my own home, I saw these Tracy Reese Spice Market linens at Dillards this weekend and liked the grown-up use of pink and orange.

Bedding, which is pinker and oranger in person.

Bath towels.


The "It" Kid

I bookmarked a link to ittikid a while back, and rediscovered it this weekend. O.M.G. Do you have a baby? You MUST check out ittikid. There are cute baby clothes, and then there is this stuff. For someone like me who loves patterns and bright colors, this is on a whole different level.

So, while I'm going to [obviously] feature the pink and orange delightfulness, I guarantee that ittikid has adorable clothes in all colors, for both boys and girls. Actually, I'm really loving the boy clothes, which are really different than the usual sporty, denim, or plaid stuff.

Apple onesie.

Fabulous fall day shirt.

Heart flower shirt.

Clever toad shirt.

Silly kitty shirt.

Bunny flower shirt.

Baby zoo animal shirt.

Children shirt.

Hippo shirt.

Outerspace cottonsuit.

Crazy owl pants.

Delightful. Adorable. MUST HAVE. Told you so.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 29

I wore this to work–yes, work–on Thursday. On the way out the door, I asked Jud if I looked silly, and he asked me "Isn't that what you are going for?" Touche.

This was a bright outfit even by my standards, so I can't imagine what everyone else thought. More than one person in the office said, "Wow, you are NEON." That afternoon, though, I went out to an elementary school and heard a few 4th grade girls whispering that I had style. I'll take it!

Orange shirt, pink jeans, yellow flats, and yellow baseball belt.


Steal of a Deal

Old Navy always has some cute items at good prices, and when you use a coupon (new deals each week), there are some definite steals. Here are two:

Beaded necklace. I'm not crazy about necklaces in general, but I think I might need this.

Cute PJ pants, just in time for Valentine's.


Bundle of Joy

My buddy Michelle has FINALLY made the official announcement that she is having a baby this summer. Yay! I had a feeling for a while that she was pregnant before she actually told me, but I have no definitive feelings yet about whether it's a baby girl or boy.

So, in the meantime, I thought I'd check out the cuteness at Baby Gap, and there is PLENTY of it!

Colorblock knit dress.

Waffle onesie.

Polka-dot leggings.

ADORABLE pear jumper.

Striped footie suit.

And another, equally adorable, pear jumper.

Clearly these are all girl clothes. I think it's safe to assume that there aren't many baby boy options in pink and orange.


Set the Table

If I didn't have cloth napkins coming out of my ears, I'd be all over this cute set from Crate and Barrel!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Days 27 AND 28

I accidentally ended up wearing two pink and orange outfits this week. So today you get two for one!

On Wednesday I wore an orange tank, pink cardigan, orange J Crew belt, and cords.

Thursday's outfit wasn't supposed to involve a sweater or a belt, but sometimes these things just happen. Pink shirt from the Gap, gray sweater, skirt, and the orange belt from the day before.


Pin It In

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

2A + 1B = Divine!

P.S. B may lean more towards purple than pink. I don't care.


Dress to Impress

I have a few gift cards from the wedding (sooo long ago!) that we still need to spend at Dillards, so I browsed their website and found these cute dresses.

Calvin Klein.


Chetta B.

Another Calvin Klein.

I like the last two the best. The 3rd one makes me ready for warm weather, and the last one would be cute with a turtleneck and tights while it's still cold outside.


Rain On

Remember Agatha Ruiz de la Prada? Here and here? Check out this outfit. For when you want a puddle in your lap.

From Jud via Ffffound.


Think Warm Thoughts

It is COLD outside! I like winter, but I'm already wishing for warmer weather. I think this Coach tunic would be perfect for a beach trip. Sea Island anyone?


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 26

I missed my window on Wednesday of getting Jud to take my photo–he had to head to class and I was busy baking a pie. So, I went all "Myspace" and took a photo of myself in the bathroom mirror. Classy. We don't have a full length mirror, so this is how I have to check my outfits some mornings. By standing on the toilet.

Favorite scarf, favorite reversible skirt, and pink tights.


Bright Idea

It's cold outside, and Kate Spade is prepared to help keep your ears warm (and cute)!


Thinkin Lincoln

I flipped by a rerun of the new season of The Real World this weekend, and happened to catch the part where the castmates see their house for the first time and run around excitedly, checking the place out. These kids are living in a fantastically big house in DC, just a few blocks from where I used to work in Dupont circle. Which makes me a little nostalgic for my DC days and my mile long walks to and from work.

Anyways, back on track, each of the bedrooms in the house is adorned with photographs of different presidents. And I am taking a particular liking to the Abe Lincoln bedroom.

Also, I feel a little sleazy posting about this show, but Apartment Therapy did it first, so I jumped in.


Around Town

This weekend I rediscovered a link from Grain Edit that Jud sent me months and months ago. It's a German calendar illustration from 1957. Love it!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 25

I lost track of the days of the week over the holidays, and forgot to post my pink and orange outfit on Friday. So here it is!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! While watching one of the many year-in-review stories this week, I was reminded of Sasha Obama's adorable J. Crew inauguration outfit. So stylish in pink and orange!

Here's hoping that 2010 is a great year full of fun and fulfillment, and plenty of pink and orange along the way!