The "It" Kid

I bookmarked a link to ittikid a while back, and rediscovered it this weekend. O.M.G. Do you have a baby? You MUST check out ittikid. There are cute baby clothes, and then there is this stuff. For someone like me who loves patterns and bright colors, this is on a whole different level.

So, while I'm going to [obviously] feature the pink and orange delightfulness, I guarantee that ittikid has adorable clothes in all colors, for both boys and girls. Actually, I'm really loving the boy clothes, which are really different than the usual sporty, denim, or plaid stuff.

Apple onesie.

Fabulous fall day shirt.

Heart flower shirt.

Clever toad shirt.

Silly kitty shirt.

Bunny flower shirt.

Baby zoo animal shirt.

Children shirt.

Hippo shirt.

Outerspace cottonsuit.

Crazy owl pants.

Delightful. Adorable. MUST HAVE. Told you so.

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