Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 34

I had the day off work on Monday for doctor's appointments and errand-running. I was surprisingly productive. Fuchsia(ish) cardigan, orange belt, orange earrings, orange watch from my mom.



Last week one of my coworkers sent me a link to Simply Soles, a website with really chic, lovely shoes started by her friend's cousin. Take a minute to browse around! She also pointed me in the direction of these shoes, Summer in Fuchsia by Butter, which I totally want, but will need to save my pennies for.

I just love the ruffly suede peep-toe!


Pink Plus Pattern

Jess Neil has a clever little website called Pattern+, where you can answer a few brief questions and she will create a pattern for you, based on your information. How fun! While I await my own personal pattern, I'll share some cute ones from her gallery.

When I receive mine (pink and orange of course!), I will share!


Chroma-tic Scale

The pair over at Chroma Lab certainly have an eye (or eyes!) for color and pattern. Check out some of their fantastic hand-painted pieces:

Umbrella table.

Cotton candy pink on pink nightstand.

Custom plum and orange dresser.

ROYP clock.


A Mobile Mobile

Etsy seller thewonderlandstudio has fun mobiles, like this one, that would transition well from baby's nursery into kid's room.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 33

Thursday I wore my pink jeans, a black turtleneck with an orange tank underneath, and an orange/coral beaded necklace. Also, I got a much-needed haircut!


Bunny in Back

I know a little girl who would look awfully cute wearing this backpack from Dante Beatrix, via Arte Bebe.


Making Faces

Forget Facebook, FaceBOX is where it's at. How adorable are these shelves and dressers with personality?! The website is in Spanish, but take a quick look around and watch the cute intro video. In addition to the regular stock, you can even design your own Facebox. Love it!


House Call

This cute house was featured in an Apartment Therapy house tour last week. Here's the bedroom, but click through and check out the rest of the home; it is all-around adorable!


By the By

20x200 is a great website for unique and affordable prints. Print runs of 200 are only $20 each, and are usually 8x10. Larger prints have smaller runs and cost a little more. Here are a few:

Ziggurat 5.

Birch Forrest No. 7.



Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 32

Last Sunday I wore my coral puffer vest (thanks Beth!) and an orange long-sleeve tee. Very warm!


Clever Endeavour

Check out the cute and cheap Valentine's tablescape from The City Sage, via Apartment Therapy. Such an ingenious use for streamers and carnations!


Over The Hills

When I started this blog, I intended to feature shots of celebrities wearing pink and orange from time to time. Mind you, I don't spend a lot of time looking at celebrity photos, so I'm not really sure how I thought I would accomplish this.

So, I could really care less about Lauren Conrad, but I do like her dress here. Is it Trina Turk? Whatever, it's cute.


Party Cardi

I saw this cardigan in an Old Navy email this weekend. Need! I swung by the store, but they didn't have it in stock yet. No worries, I ended up with some other goodies. But I will be back!


Rainy Season

In honor (?) of the gross weather we had this weekend, here's a cute print Jud shared with me from Flickr. I think it was originally on a card. Look closely at the people's funny faces and the animals scattered throughout.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 31

Wednesday I wore pink and orange, sort of. The top is pink. There is orange in the belt. That's as good as it is going to get this week.


Bed Spread

A cheery bedroom featured on Apartment Therapy a week or two ago. I'm loving the bedding and painting above the nightstand.



I'm "cleaning out" my bookmark folder of blog ideas and found this craft station featured on Apartment Therapy. Lovely!


Best Dressed

More cute dresses, today from Trina Turk.




One in a Millen

Two bold dresses from Karen Millen:


Engineered stripe.