How Bazaar

In honor of the beautiful spring weather we're having, here is a cute dress from Modcloth–the Bazaar Beauty Dress.


Tote-ally Terrific

Have you heard of Scout by Bungalow? I hadn't until last week, but it is certainly a line worth checking out. Fun and affordable bags and storage containers. See? This cute pink and orange pattern is called Eager Beaver.


Happy Feet

Let's talk socks.

First up: these cuties from Free People. I stole them from Corrie's blog.

And second: Happy Socks! We saw these in NY. In a men's store.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 37

Jud and I went to New York last week for a wedding and a few days of fun in the city. Obviously, being in New York, we did some shopping. One of our favorite stores in Soho is Uniqlo, where I picked up a pink cardigan with orange stripes. I wore it later in the week and planned to use it for this week's challenge.

I just loaded the trip photos onto my computer. And this is what I found.

I was wearing my coat! Boooo.

That afternoon, Jud and I went to a taping of Jimmy Fallon, so here's a mediocre screen-shot to prove, at least, that I am wearing a pink sweater. That's us in the front row waving shirts over our heads.

I promise it has orange stripes. Do I get credit for orange earrings and orange hair?


Give Me Liberty

People have gone crazy for the Liberty of London line at Target. Seriously. While there are some fun pieces, I haven't seen any must-have showstoppers.

I do really like this baby bedding, though.


Dotted Spotted

Great dotted towels from Garnet Hill. These would be awfully cute in a little girl's bathroom!


Sprinkle It On

Easter is just around the corner, and Crate and Barrel has some very cupcake-worthy bunny and carrot sprinkles!


Tea Time

My friend Laura recently told me about Tea Collection, a really sweet line of baby and children's clothes with an Asian influence. Here are a few pieces:

A banded kimono-esque dress.

A flutter-sleeved top.

Butterfly PJs.

Chrysanthemum PJs.

A crane top.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 36

On Monday I wore an orange sweater from the Gap (true story: my mom likes to mail me sweaters) and my reversible skirt. Is it spring yet?


Shutter the Thought

Pink shutters! An excellent curtain alternative for a pink and orange room.


Brag Bag

This evening bag from J Crew is so good it's almost worth throwing a party just to have a chance to use it.


Right on Target

So my buddy Michelle found out that she is having a baby girl! Hooray! Here are a few cute pieces from DwellStudio for Target.

A onesie with a flower.

A knit skirt.

A ruffled cardigan.


Beauty Sleep

Ok, I am CRAZY about this bedding by Kideko. I bookmarked this ages ago and just rediscovered it. What little girl would not love this?!

Oh, and it is a STEAL right now. $37.50 marked down from $125. You can't beat that!


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 35

Full disclosure: it is currently rather warm (albeit rainy) here in Atlanta. We'll see how long it lasts. So I may or may not have pulled out my coat, earmuffs, and gloves because I realized that it is mid-March and I haven't yet posted my winter wear.

The orange coat is J Crew, I don't remember where my pink leather gloves came from, and the pink and orange earmuffs are from Target.


Head Bandit

A fun and frilly springtime headband from Ann Taylor Loft (who, PS, is having a 30% off sale this Saturday).


Ripe Stripe

I spotted this new dress on the Kate Spade website. The colors are listed as flamingo and mandarin, but I had to cross-reference Nordstrom's website to confirm that it is actually pink and orange (and not pink and pink). It is!

Also, I found these socks. I do not recommend wearing them with the dress.


Model Remodel

Two interiors from Apartment Therapy (what's new?) really caught my eye last week. These rooms look like grown-up rooms, something I always find refreshing.

This bathroom is absolutely fantastic. It makes me think of all those home remodeling shows where the people rip out the fun, pastel, mid-century tile in their bathroom (and replace it with something "old world." Barf.). Why do that, when you can do this? An updated sink and counter, an open window, and some bold pops of a contrasting color instantly modernize this space.

This kitchen works, and really works, largely due to the fact that there are no upper cabinets. Even I will admit that would be overkill. The bold color choice is balanced out by a lot of white, a well-place window, and the orange tea set which is cute and inviting.


Chain Gang

So I didn't wear pink and orange last week. My bad. We'll see what I come up with this week.

In other news, check out these neon pink and orange necklaces from J. Crew.

Ok, so they look like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (also a catenary!) upside down. I'll scope out the situation in person the next time I'm at J. Crew.



Feeling retro? Check out these contemporary pieces with a retro flair by the artist known as Shag.


The Crystal Ball.


Off Beat Percussion.

The Unchecked Anger of Alf Charles.



Noisy Neighbors

Living in an apartment in a historic building, Jud and I sometimes get to enjoy the strange conversations and bad musical tastes of our neighbors. Maybe we need some decorative sound absorbers from Wobedo Design. Because shoving pillow batting into the crack between the wood ceiling beam and the brick wall really isn't working.


Buzz Buzz

Super cute baby bibs by Dwell Studio for Target. Look at that fat bumble bee!