Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 37

Jud and I went to New York last week for a wedding and a few days of fun in the city. Obviously, being in New York, we did some shopping. One of our favorite stores in Soho is Uniqlo, where I picked up a pink cardigan with orange stripes. I wore it later in the week and planned to use it for this week's challenge.

I just loaded the trip photos onto my computer. And this is what I found.

I was wearing my coat! Boooo.

That afternoon, Jud and I went to a taping of Jimmy Fallon, so here's a mediocre screen-shot to prove, at least, that I am wearing a pink sweater. That's us in the front row waving shirts over our heads.

I promise it has orange stripes. Do I get credit for orange earrings and orange hair?

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