Beach Bag

Spring handbags have arrived at Kate Spade in full force! Check it out:

Rafia tote:

Pom-pom tote:

And a woven tote:

How could you possibly choose?


Spring Fling

Another pretty dress from J. Crew:


Pretty in Paris

My friend Laura emailed me this weekend to say that she, her husband, and her cute toddler would be going to Paris this summer so she's been looking for apartment rentals. And she found this:

How lovely! So chic and cheery. Here's the bedroom:

Also, it's on the Champs Elysees. Does it get any better? I think I need to make a trip to Paris to find out.


Make an Impression

This evening I was flipping through the latest J. Crew catalog and this dress caught my eye:

This print also comes in a tank:

And how about matching shoes? You can choose from pumps:

Strappy sandals:

Or flats!


Time Out

Love these playful watches from the MOMA Store!


Cozy Up

Happy weekend! Here's a chic and cozy chair, which looks like a good place to read on a rainy Saturday, which we are predicted to have.


Like Father, Like Son

Guess what? Pieces from the Jonathan Adler Jr. line are starting to trickle onto the website! Oh to live in a world where one can afford a $165 throw pillow for a baby. Anyways, ignore the prices and look what I found:

Sunny wallpaper.

A rug with kissing giraffes. There's a matching pillow too.

I have a feeling there is more to come and will be keeping an eye out!


Pales in Comparison

I'm generally not too crazy about pale pink, but it is lovely when used correctly. Like here.

Via designworklife @ Seamless Creative.


On The Fence

Ummmmm...is this a pink and orange fence?! I think it is.

Yeah. Awesome.


Zak Attack

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of starting this blog! That amounts to a LOT of pink and orange. Jud suggested I bake a pink and orange cake to celebrate. That didn't happen, but instead I thought I'd share some pink and orange kitchenware from Zak Designs.

Four mini bowls.

Measuring spoons.

Mixing bowls.

Batter bowls.

Pinch bowls.


Cover Girl

I saw this dress on the cover of an online magazine and thought it was too cute. Visit Shoshanna's website to see more lovely dresses.


Super Sofa

It's Wednesday afternoon and this is my first post of the week. Oops. Check out this great sofa from an Apartment Therapy House Tour:

The rest of their place isn't bad either. Check it out.


Cop Out

So, 38 days into the Pink and Orange Challenge, I am starting to run out of outfit options. I couldn't come up with a work-appropriate outfit this week, so I've got nothing to show for myself. I'd like to make it 50 outfits, and I have some more pieces to document, but it may not be a weekly thing anymore. Also, I am finding myself going into stores and being blind to anything that is not pink and orange. I don't want to make myself feel guilty for buying green. Or purple. Or gray.

All that to say, I'm going to do my best to come up with a dozen more outfits, and then I will probably call it quits with the Challenge.

Have a happy weekend!


Ice Ice Baby

This necklace from Anthropologie is definitely a statement piece. And I think that statement would be, "I'm awesome."

Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth!


Clean Sweep

I've been on a decluttering, rearranging, home-improving streak lately. I've mostly be rearranging things we already have, but a few of these springy items from Crate and Barrel would fit in very well around our apartment!

Thanks to Cat for making sure I didn't miss this CB goodness!


Neat Pleat

Here's a fun and preppy accessory from L.L. Bean–a box-pleated belt in grosgrain ribbon. Cute!


Dress Up

I found yet another adorable pink and orange Kate Spade dress. These folks don't quit.

Here is a detail shot:


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 38

On Wednesday I wore the pink sweater with the orange stripes from NY again since I had a major fail with the coat situation last week. I used our newly installed mirror wall to photograph it.


Gild the Lilly

Easter is this Sunday, meaning it is time for everyone to officially dust off their springtime frocks or, better yet, go shopping for new ones! How about these cute new pieces from Lilly Pulitzer?

Cute fabric. Cute shape. AND, the dress a little loose around the tummy in case you eat too much Easter candy :)

Love this skirt! White tank, flat sandals, done.

Or, how about a bag? This tote is adorable!