Nano Nano

And now Kate Spade makes iPhone and iPod covers. It just doesn't stop. My iPod is from 15 generations ago and I'm not really interested in an iPhone, so at least there's no temptation.

Oh, and have a happy Memorial Day weekend!


All Dressed Up

Dear Kate Spade,

Please. Stop. Torturing. Me. Seriously, why must you keep taunting me with the prospects of a closet full of the most adorable pink and orange dresses? Remember this one? This one? What about this one or this one. Or this one. OR THIS ONE? And now you go and spring this one on me:

I think it's time you send me a free sample. You know, for research.




Splish Splash

I have yet to make it out to our pool. And seeing has how I went maybe twice last year, I'm thinking I don't need a new swimsuit. But if you do, here are a few.

J Crew.


Old Navy.

But, please, whatever you do, don't wear this cover up:


Made in the Shade

I've given in to the many benefits of a big sun hat, but I'm not really feeling this one. Maybe it looks better actually on someone's head.


Cover Up

I can't recall a situation in which I have needed to cover my food to keep away pesky bugs, but then again, I don't have a yard in which to entertain outside. If you do, maybe you need this floral food cover from Z Gallerie.


Take the Cake

Check out this delightful cake!

Based on a fabric by Jessica Jones (from How About Orange) and created by Sugarcoat It Studio.


Bag It Up

This two-tone beach bag from Old Navy is great:

Like these flip-flops? This Saturday is $1 flip-flop day!


Party in the USA

Lots of new goodies from my wanna-BFF Jonathan Adler! These would be fantastic for a festive backyard barbecue.

Kaleidoscope plate.

Basic bowl.

Matching tray.

And a highball to round out the set.

Or, pick up these reusable plastic tumblers.

And use these graphic napkins with them.


Gap in a Snap

Friends with baby girls (and baby girls on the way), take note: there are lots of cute summer clothes at Baby Gap right now.

Polka-dot romper.

Floral swimsuit.

Ikat romper.


Shower Power

I'm really digging this photo of some of Marimekko's various bathroom items: towels, soaps, and such. So fun!


To The Max

Ok people, what's our take on the maxi dress? Chic, or a quick-save for forgetting to shave your legs? Or both?

Bella dress by Isabella Oliver.


Merry Mekko

I never get tired of seeing what new prints the team over at Marimekko have cooked up. Check it out!





Full House

Anyone looking for any apartment in NY? The Olsen twins are selling their penthouse. They just knocked 3 million off the price, so now it can be yours for only $8.45 million. Easy!

From what I read, they never actually lived here. So I guess we'll never know who chose the pink and orange bedroom: Mary Kate or Ashley.


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Me and my mother at the Botanical Garden in DC a couple of years ago. Notice which one of us is wearing pink and orange. Like mother, like daughter!


On The Road

Wrapping up Kate Spade Week, here are two cute cosmetic cases:


Tutti Frutti

And I promise, I'll post about something other than Kate Spade next week!


Flirty Skirty

The parade of Kate Spade cuteness continues. Today we have a zinnia skirt:

And a color-block dress:


Tickled Pink

What fun little notecards!


Into the Wild

Next up from Kate Spade: this leopard print dress, complete with a belt and big jewels at the neckline.

Here's a close-up:

LOVE. IT. And if you are feeling extra wild, you can add the matching espadrilles to the ensemble:


Sandal Scandal

I have a lot of Kate Spade to share this week. First up: the really, really adorable Imogen sandals. They are a fantastic example of a good, dressy sandal. For those of us that pretty much only wear flats.