What's Cooking?

I've had this cute play kitchen from EverEarth at Moolka bookmarked forever. How fun!


Daisy Chain

My buddy Melinda made sure to point out this necklace to me this weekend while we were shopping at Nordstrom. It's a total show-stopper.

From Kate Spade. Who else? Also, it's on sale right now!


For the Birds

What lucky bird gets to live in this stylish house?

From Birdhouses by Architectural Editions. Thanks AT.


Five Alive

Happy Friday! Check out these five fun rooms:

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.


Pack It Up

On tap for today: a couple of cut bags for big kids.

An overnight bag from Kinder Kaboodle:

A cool book-bag from L.L. Bean:


Oh, Oh It's Magic

Designer Karim Rashid wears only white and pink. Not familiar with him? You've definitely seen his stuff. Like the Oh Chair (I have one in pink), the Method packaging, and the Kurv and Kone for Dirt Devil (I have the Kone in purple). In fact, it is pretty fun to browse his website and see which products you have in your home!

Anyways, just check out his pad in New York already.

I'm going to pull a Rachel Zoe and say "I die." Check out more on Interior Design. I found it via, duh, Apartment Therapy.


Sheer Genius

I'm a big fan of the summer scarf. Maybe it's because I work in a cold office, but it is really nice to have a quick, light layer to throw on when you gets unexpectedly chilly.

This one
is from J Crew.


Neat Nursery

Check out this super cute and modern nursery from Oh Dee Doh.

Love the bedding, which this lucky baby's mom made herself. Also, love the bunnies everywhere. And speaking of bunnies, you MUST watch this because it is the cutest thing ever.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 41

Two outfits this week! I am going to try to knock out these last ten before I have to dig out cold-weather clothes again.

I am surprised that this outfit hasn't already happened, seeing as how I wear either these shorts or this shirt pretty much every weekend. Just not together. So, this is me about to run out to the grocery store on Tuesday evening. The top is J Crew and the shorts are from Loft.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 40

Time for another outfit.

Despite the fact that I asked Jud to take my photo, I look awfully surprised. Pink sweater from Uniqlo, orange skirt from Fossil, white tee from Loft, and the sandals are Steve Madden.


Cute as a Button

Last week Jud and I spotted some really cute dolls at Target. I can't find much about them online, so I think they may be new. Bitty Buttons each have a theme, cute outfits, and come with a friend. My favorite is Bea Spells-A-Lot. She's a redhead, wears pink and orange, and has a pet owl. Apparently she is a good speller, though, something we do not have in common. That and the owl.


Pillows, Part 2

There were too many fun pillows from Jonathan Adler to share them all yesterday. Today are some great needlepoint throw pillows. These all cost a pretty penny ($120 and up), but the patterns, texture, and colors are just beautiful.

Concentric diamonds:




Pile on the Pillows

I can understand why some people end up with a bed or a sofa or some piece of furniture covered in an unreasonable number throw pillows; there are just SO many good ones out there. Here are three great pillows from Jonathan Adler. What makes them even better is that they are different on the back. Two pillows for the price of one! (And when the price of one is around $80, this is a good thing.)

Large kaleidoscope front:

Large kaleidoscope back:

Small kaleidoscope front:

Small kaleidoscope back:

Medium kaleidoscope front:

Medium kaleidoscope back:


Pod People

My love for the work of Angela Adams is well documented. Here's a fun new pattern–tangerine pod–in a pillow and a tote.

Also, in a match made in heaven, Angela Adams has designed bags made from recycled sails for J. Crew.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 39

Well it is about time for another outfit! This is what I wore to my friend Michelle's baby shower when I was home last week.

Dress from Ann Taylor loft, purse from Cole Haan, shoes from Antonio Melani.


Let's Get Purse-onal

I spent a few fun days at home last week and while I was there, I enjoyed doing some shopping with my mother. Recognizing that I was seriously in need of a new purse, she bought me a great new orange one from Cole Haan (on super sale!). See:

Isn't it fantastic?! Unfortunately, it is rather lacking in the pocket department.

When I got back to work this week, I noticed a sale table outside of the museum shop. For me, shop sales and employee discounts are a couple of the top perks of working in an art museum. For example, I've scored this and this and this for a fraction of the retail price. So, anyways, I checked out the sale table and discovered this:

It took me a minute to figure out what it was, but it is a purse organizer, called the Purseket. Problem solved! Basically, it is a flat piece with lots of pockets, and you roll it up and drop it inside your purse. Like this:

Perfect! Organized AND pink and orange. It doesn't get any better!