Room with a View

Turns out that I wasn't quite finished with sifting through all the pink and orange things that I want to share. Today, we have some great interiors from some old AT posts.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.

From here.


Snug Rug

I saw this snappy little bathmat during a quick trip to Ikea over the weekend. It comes in lots of fun other colors, too.


Round and Round

What a fun little girl rug from Zac and Zoe!


Slip Up

I think the computer clean-up is officially over. Yay! Are you familiar with Bemz? Well, if you've ever purchased upholstered furniture from Ikea, you should be. They make great slipcovers for many of Ikea's old standards. They have a new line from Designers Guild. And it is AWESOME. Check out Sagrada Blossom in action:

We're in need of new chairs for the head and foot of the dining table in a bold pattern. These certainly fit the bill, although I'm leaning toward the aqua version of this fabric.


Cleaning House, Part 6

I went alllll the way back to last fall on my blogroll, looking for pink and orange things I've missed along the way.

Great baby bedding from Land of Nod. And it is ON SALE. $49, down from $270. Someone needs to buy this, stat.

A tiny work of art.

Such a sweet birthday party!

A fantastically French living room.

Love this little pillow.


Cleaning House, Part 5

Today cleans out my bookmarks folder (totally empty!). Next up, mining through everything I've starred in Google Reader.

A breezy summer skirt from Old Navy.

A cute craft corner with Marimekko prints.

A very bold Hadaki tote.

Love this bedding from Pine Cone Hill!

This Amy Butler travel bag would make flying much more fun.


Cleaning House, Part 4

Let's see what we can dust out of the corners of my computer this morning...

An argyle polo from Old Navy.

A two-tone soft bin from the Container Store.

A floral pillow from Land's End.

A girly futon from Target.

A floral shower curtain, also from Target.


Cleaning House, Part 3

We're on a roll! Here are five more things to round out the week:

Heart-print scarf from BCBG.

A bright rug from Madison at Main.

A summertime dress from Lilly Pulitzer.

A long-sleeve tee from Old Navy.

And a fun party ring from Kate Spade.


Cleaning House, Part 2

It's Day 2 of cleaning out my bookmarks. This feels great! Let's see what we've got:

Kikkerland coasters.

Marimekko color-block dress.

A canvas hobo.

Kate Spade capris.

Flip-flops with extra straps.


Cleaning House, Part 1

Despite having a blogroll, bookmarks folder, and inbox full of pink and orange things, I have been less-than-inspired lately. A pillow here, a pair of shoes there, a room over there. So, I'm going to do a short series of posts with a mish-mash of whatever I've got flagged to share. Who knows what we'll find!

There must be a pony!

Hope in bed with Lilly P from Garnet Hill.

Warm-weather pumps from Butter.

A tank from Old Navy.

Cute one-shoulder dress from J Crew.



Jud recently pointed out to me that Dora the Explorer wears pink and orange. I'm not sure how he figured this out, but, as it turns out, it's true.

Anyways, a few days later, Oh Dee Doh had a post about celebrity-designed Dora backpacks. Look at this cute one from Salma Hayek!


Out of the Cage

Jud and I went to Urban Outfitters to find him some pants this weekend, and while he didn't find anything, I totally lucked out. I found these fantastic pink and orange cage sandals for a whopping $10. AND they were the only pair in the store, and in my size. Score!

Yay! Look for these in an upcoming Challenge outfit.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 42

I got a new pink and orange floral skirt this weekend and, as luck would have it, I had a couple of fun photographs taken in it at an event at work on Saturday.

You know, just talking on my lobster phone.


Island Hopping

Check out this cobblestone alley in Burano. Love it! Read this interesting little post on Apartment Therapy to find out more about the brightly colored homes on this beautiful little Italian island.


Neat Feet

J Crew either needs to start making their little girl shoes in grown-up sizes, or I need smaller feet. This is just unfair.


Put a Pin in It

My mom sent me a pattern for a cute pincushion from Heather Bailey Design because, guess what, it's pink and orange. Very cute, and a fun little project to boot!


Happy Trails to You

Whenever I see a cute luggage tag somewhere, it is always sooo expensive. $15 for a piece of plastic that hangs off of the suitcase you use a few times a year just seems silly.

So, refreshingly, Jonathan Adler has some cute ones that ring in at only $6.


Picking Favorites

I'm changing things up today. if you haven't already, check out my pink and orange Etsy faves. I post 8 new ones every week, but all the old stuff is still on the list too. There is so much fun handmade and vintage stuff on Etsy waiting for a good home!