Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 43 (and the trip to DC)

Last weekend Jud and I went to DC for a few days for our friends Rob and Beth's wedding.  I lived in DC a couple of years ago and haven't been back since, so we also got to catch up with lots of my grad school friends and get reacquainted with the city.  It was a fun time!

My friend Laura and her husband Todd were nice enough to let us stay at their lovely home, which was fantastic, in great part because I FINALLY got to meet baby Ellie!  Who, by the way, is no baby anymore.  She's the cutest toddler in town!  Anyways, as a small gesture of our appreciation for their warm hospitality, I brought along a few gifts that were wrapped, of course, in pink and orange.

Recognize the paper?  I blogged about the AdamsMorioka wrap sheets on Felt + Wire back in December and they were nice enough to send me some samples.  I've been saving it for a special occasion (and someone who would appreciate pink and orange wrap job).  The two-toned ribbon from The Container Store complemented it perfectly.

It's not a trip to DC without squeezing in as many museums as possible, so Jud and I spent some time at the Corcoran on Saturday morning, as he'd never been.

Here I am in front of a pink and orange painting.  And, as an art history major and museum educator, I am deeply ashamed to say that I have forgotten the artist.  10 points for whoever figures it out!

Ok, so on to the pink and orange outfit.  I scored a fantastic deal on this dress from Kate Spade.  It was 50% off, then another 25% off, then another 15% off, and then free shipping.  And the only one left was in my size.  So, obviously, I had to get it.  The wedding was the perfect opportunity to wear it.

It is made of such a beautiful silk, and I love the orange band at the bottom.  I was definitely in the mood for a fun and festive evening at the wedding.  A wedding, by the way, which had a reception at an old amusement park.  YES.

Here are Jud and I on the carrousel:

Jud is using his fancy new camera, which explains why the photo quality in this post is about 102 times better than what usually goes on around here.

Phew!  Hopefully this extended post makes up for me being behind for the past few days :)

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  1. You look fabulous in your new dress, and the backdrop is nice too. ;-)
    So great to see you...come back, please.