Rad Hatter

Here are a couple of cute hats for little girls from Gap:

Striped knit.

Fleece dots.


Rise Up

A lovely print from 20x200:

By Youngna Park.


Wrap It Up

I have no idea why Paper Source is selling scarves, but who cares when this one is so adorable!



Summer Lovin'

Although summer is now just a memory, check out these pink and orange beach goods from Tory Burch:

Beach bag.




Right on Target

Spotted at Target this weekend:

Totally reversible pink and orange puffer vest.  And it's only $15!

And a bright scarf and glove set!


It Takes A Village

I love this little print from ModCloth:


Nice Throw

I think I need to have a "throw pillow" label here on the blog, because there are so many good ones out there.

Like these from Trina Turk!




Check out all of these super fun fabrics from Ann Kelle!

The cute sewing projects are endless!


Well Dressed

What an adorable little Marimekko dress!

The fabric also comes in an adorable little shirt.


Under the Covers

I like this bedding from Marimekko:


Best Dressed

Target has some very cute dresses for little ones right now, and they're all under $20!

Polka-dot dress. 

Striped sweater dress.


Clock it to Me

On deck today: cute clocks.



Carry On

What fun luggage from Heys at Neiman Marcus!

No worries about getting it confused with anyone else's at the airport.


La Madeline

I posted about Madeline Weinrib a long time ago, and not surprisingly, some lovely new things have popped up on her website.  Check them out:


A Cut Above

When registering for kitchen items before we got married, Jud and I opted to choose things in all different colors. It actually made the process pretty easy, because usually there were only a couple of options for each item (say, a pink ice cream scoop or green colander) that weren't black.

Knives are the hardest things to find in any color but black or silver.  But look at these!

Looks like the pink one is actually a veggie peeler.  From Opinel, at Terrain.


Dog Days

Check out this snappy pet collar from Coach:

I'm not crazy about dogs.  Let's put it on a large cat.


Feed and Seed

 Look!  An easy to assemble birdhouse in pink and orange from Tweet Tweet Home.

I can't find an actual photo of it online, but I saw it in person yesterday and it is cute!  Remember this birdhouse?  Birdy living is looking good these days!


Look Book

Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 collection has lots of beautiful pinks and oranges.  Take a look!


Put A Bow on It

Laura sent me a photo of some adorable Kate Spade shoes last winter, and then I never saw them online and sort of forgot about them.  But here they are!

They are from last season, so there are only small sizes left.  Tiny-footed ladies, please buy them since I can't!


Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today, this happened:

There was lots of pink, lots of orange, and lots of fun.  Happy anniversary to us!


Slip and Slide

I have misplaced my (pink and orange) house slippers.  I think these from Old Navy would be a suitable replacement.  They are a much cheaper (but comparatively adorable) version of the ones from Kate Spade last winter.