Fourteen Going on Fabulous

I love Hailee Steinfeld's Prada dress from the SAG Awards last night. So fun and age-appropriate for a fourteen-year-old!

Here's a variation from Prada's Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection.

Hailee looks much better than this model.


Quicker Picker Upper

It is almost impossible to have too many dish towels. I like this cheery (and cherry!) one from Crate and Barrel.


Classic Combo

According to J. Crew, blush and tomato are the colors of the month. That sounds awfully close to pink and orange...


Delight in Design

It's been a while since I've played with the Design Your Own feature on the Jonathan Adler website, and it is so. much. fun. I've experimented with rugs before, but now you can also design fun totes, pillows, and throws. Check it out!


Slim Swim

In the unlikely event that yesterday's bandage dress was too conservative for you, then try out this Herve Leger bandage swimsuit.


It's A Wrap

If you've ever seen a photo of a celebrity (or wannabe) anywhere, then you've probably seen a Herve Leger bandage dress. They are crazy popular. And here is a pink and orange one.


Terrific Tunic

In the spirit of spring, here's a cute tunic dress from Lilly Pulitzer that, if it wasn't $300, would be a very stylish cover-up for that swimsuit.


Vacation Visions

I don't know about you, but swimsuits are the last thing on my mind right now. But, for anyone going on a tropical winter get-away, this one from Shoshanna is great!



Heely Good

Check out these FIERCE Jimmy Choos that Cameron Diaz wore back in September. They can be yours for only $800!


Make It Work

Did you see that Heidi Klum was wearing pink and orange at last night's Golden Globes?

And here's the dress on the Marc Jacobs runway:


Moore Please

I recently saw this photo of Julianne Moore, wearing pink and orange Lanvin to the Rome Film Festival back in the fall. She looks fabulous!


On Pins and Needles

Check out these needlepoint pillows from Jonathan Adler. I recently went to a needlepoint store (who knew?) with Jud and his mom for a project she was working on. I did not realize how SERIOUS people are about this stuff. What I really like about the JA pillows is how he uses a traditional craft in a modern way.





Ikat Idea

While looking for the napkins I posted about on Monday, I found this fun line of ikat paper products, also from Caspari.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 44

Yesterday was a snow day. Hooray!

I got a super warm pink coat at an American Apparel tent sale over the summer for practically nothing.

Orange vest and pink and orange earmuffs for added warmth.

I haven't mentioned it here yet, but Jud and I got a bunny from a rabbit rescue a couple of months ago. We thought Bernie might like the snow. We were wrong.

 After taking Bernie back to his warm home, Jud and I went for a walk. I piled on a few more layers, and consequently looked a little crazy. Oh well!

Stay warm friends!


Noteworthy Napkins

Over the holidays I picked up these paper cocktail napkins from Caspari:

Perfect for a pink and orange cocktail party!


Honey Honey

This news is about a month old, but I feel like I can't not say something about it. Pantone named Honeysuckle the color of the year for 2011. If you haven't seen it, well here it is!

With a name like Honeysuckle, you might be thinking yellow. But it is hot pink! I hope this is a good sign for pink and orange in 2011!


Lucky Charm

Here's something else that I saw while out shopping over the holidays, this time at Lucky.

A fun flannel shirt.


Pleasant Presents

I got a couple of things for Christmas that I've previously posted about here. Remember this adorable scarf from Paper Source? And the reversible vest from Target?

I haven't worn the vest yet, but I wore the scarf to work last week.

Thanks to my mom and Jud!


Ornament Express

While shopping with my mom, we discovered these at a Christmas store. Who would have thought? Here they are at home, on our Christmas tree.

In the store, they were on a tree decorated with these monkeys. It was super cute!


Feeling Resortful

I have more things to post from Christmas, I just haven't taken pictures yet. Also, I wore pink and orange for New Years Eve and forgot to take a picture. Booo.

Anyways, while shopping at Nordstrom over the holidays, my mom and I saw that St. John had some beautiful (and very spendy) pink and orange resort-wear. Enjoy!

 Dress and cardigan.

Nubby sweater.