Sunday Best

Plan ahead: this little girl outfit from Gap would be perfect for Easter Sunday.



Here are a couple of cheap and chic springtime baubles from Old Navy.




Dress to Impress

Here are some unique pink and orange finds from ASOS:


Cover Girl

Amanda Seyfried is on the cover of this month's issue of Elle, wearing that fantastic Prada dress.


Sweet Feet

Yesterday we had sandals for big girls, and today we have sandals for little girls.

From Garnet Hill. Thanks Laura!


Great Heights

I so appreciate the friends and family who make sure that I've seen all the pink and orange floating out there. Like these killer heels from Nine West that Tierney alerted me to.


In Bloom

Pink and orange are popping up all over for spring. Here are some cute clothes for little ones from Carter's.


Thanks to my mom for the tip!


Tennis Anyone?

Spring has sprung, and if tennis is your thing, here are a few bold pieces from Lacoste.

 Long sleeves.

 Shorter sleeves.



In the Loop

Based on exhaustive research, I have come to the conclusion that it is pretty much impossible to have too many cardigans. Especially when this one from Anthropologie is so cute!


Round 2

Did you hear that Target resurrected some of the highlights from it's Go International collection from the past few years? Check out these two pink and orange dresses that are now back in the mix. Get them before they're gone!

Hibiscus print dress from Tracy Feith.

Floral print dress from Tucker.


Get Dressed Up

Does anyone else feel like all these spring dresses are teasing you because it's not quite warm enough to wear them yet? Like this one, from Topshop.

If it's any consolation, this dress looks like it would lend itself well to an added cardigan and belt.


Girl Talk

What an adorable iPhone case from Kate Spade!


Tiny Dancer

How sweet are these ballet flats and this necklace from Crewcuts? Why do little girls get all the cute stuff?


Shift Into Gear

This little shift dress from Tracy Negoshain sure is eye-catching!

On another note, this is my 500th post! We're coming up on the blog's second anniversary too. I'm constantly amazed by how much pink and orange is out there!



What do we think: would Bernie like to live in an egg? This pet bed from pEi is certainly an upgrade from the cardboard box that he currently likes to nap under.


Stripe Dream

My old pal Tierney let me know that she spotted some pink and orange at her local H&M and that I should take a look. I checked out the website, and found this:

LOVE. IT. I ran out to H&M on my lunch break the next day, but they didn't have it. I'm going to try again tomorrow and am really hoping that it is in stock and looks cute on. It's only $30!


Folk Tales

I'm really liking these two totes, both in the Folkloric print, from Vera Bradley.

Everything Nice Tote.

Resort Tote.

Also, aren't these sticky notes so cute?!


Beach Peach

This dotty pink and orange bikini from Decree at JC Penney is on sale for $14. $14!

Top and bottom.


Beautiful Brocade

Julianne Moore did some modeling for Talbots, and I'm loving this jacket and skirt (but as we discussed, probably not together).

Pink and orange and very, very sophisticated. Let's have a closer look:



P.S. Is it just me, or does Julianne Moore look a whole lot like Lindsay Lohan in the second picture?


Thinking Chair

Looking for a fancy-pants $3,000 armchair for your little one? Look no further than Promemoria.

Ok, so I honestly can't tell if that is pink or red. Let's say pink. Via Apartment Therapy.


Queen of Hearts

Another great dress from Boden. They just keep on coming! Garden party anyone?


Mix and Match

I swung through Ann Taylor Loft on Tuesday and spotted a few pink and orange pieces. I think it's funny when stores make multiple pieces with the same print, because I wonder if anyone gets confused and thinks they are supposed to wear them all together.





Wrap In A Snap

Today we have two cute wrapping papers from Elum:

Holiday Rococo.