Pleasing Patterns

Funny, I just blogged about Marimekko yesterday, and then I find out that The Marimekko Shop has launched online at Crate and Barrel. Yay! There are a lot of old classics, but now they are so much easier to get your hands on. Here are a few of my faves:

Lepo pillow.

Pikku Jatski paper napkins.

Unikko beach towel.

Mini Unikot notebook.


Tee Up

I am loving these two Marimekko dresses. Fun print + simple shape = delightful! Bonus points for pockets.

Unas dress.

Peippo dress.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 45

Remember that H&M dress? Well I finally got it, wore, and love it.

It's basically a big t-shirt with a zipper up the back. I wore it with leggings and sandals. I think next time I'll put a little jacket over it, since it doesn't have a lot of shape. It was super comfy and I got lots of compliments, so I'm glad that I was able to snag it!

P.S. Do you see our funny little bunny painting in the background? We picked him up at the Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville.


Easter Excitement

As promised, I have a few things to share from Easter.

First, these adorable cake toppers that we picked up at Bake It Pretty in Asheville. I just couldn't pass up pink bunnies with orange ears! We had an Easter picnic and stuck these into some pear and blue cheese finger sandwiches.

Next up are a few of the goodies that my mom sent us for Easter. Love the pink bunny!

And finally, just because he's so cute, here's the real thing. Bernie!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!


It's a Cinch

How cool is this belt from Vionnet?

P.S. Hope everyone had a nice Easter! I have a few photos I need to upload this week.


Double Cross

Some fun new ceramic pieces from Jonathan Adler.

Mug. And hey, at $18, it's a relatively affordable piece from JA!



Large lamp.

And a small lamp.


Hanging by a Thread

This Happipod wall hanging from Angela Adams is so fantastic. I love that it's both modern and traditional. Hmm...there's a spot in our hallway where this would fit perfectly...


Playing Dress Up

On tap for today are lots of cute spring dresses for little ones:

Dragonfly banded dress from Tea Collection.

Lolly dress from Lilly Pulitzer. With cakes!

Floral sundress from Old Navy.

Ruffled dress, also from Old Navy.


Right Light

These OXO nightlights from The Land of Nod are so cute and clever. Leave them to charge on the dock during the day, then take them off at night and they glow for 8 hours.


Bag It Up

Ok Babymamas, I'm pretty sure you need to trade in whatever tired diaper bag you're lugging around and get one of these:

From Kate Spade, of course. And for those of you without babies, don't fret! Kate's got you covered:

Something for everyone!

P.S. Today is the two-year anniversary of starting this blog. Who would have thought that there would be SO MUCH pink and orange to share?!


Sweet Treat

Wouldn't you like to get a note in the mail on this cute little card? By Jane Hancock Papers, from Felt & Wire.


Spring Sunset

Evening garden party? How about this dress and necklace from Boden?


See and Be Seen

This dress by See by Chloe looks perfect for cocktails on a cool spring evening.


Seasonal Sensations

It is well established that pink and orange were all over the runways for this season (and it is cropping up in every store), and now I've found even more designers who paraded our favorite colors down the catwalk.

Christopher Kane:

And Sonia Rykiel:

P.S. Guess what I snagged yesterday? That's right. It was one of only three in the store and the only one in my size. I'll post a Pink and Orange Challenge with it soon!


The Bold and the Beautiful

It's here. And Kate Spade had to go and put this adorable dress on a redheaded model. SO tempting. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will go on sale one day.

Also, check out this great necklace.

Do we think they'd work together?


Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I'm digging this simple neon diamond print from Reform School.


In the Throws of Pillows

Ok Jonathan Adler. I GIVE. The amazing designs just never stop, and now you've gone and opened a store here in Atlanta. I probably need to avoid West Midtown at all costs, otherwise I may end up giving you my entire paycheck.

This is why:

Pillow one.

Pillow two.

Pillow three.


The Long and Short of It

I really don't know how to feel about maxi-dresses, but when it comes to this particular Lilly Pulitzer dress, I'm totally sold.


On the Marc

Laura spotted this amazing Marc Jacobs bag last week and sent me a email with a photo. Really, really gorgeous. And unfortunately, really, really spendy.

A girl can dream!


Spring into Spring

If Kate Spade stops making cute things in pink and orange, I may have to shut down this blog. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet. The latest: this adorably springy wrap dress.


Tiny House

Oh, I totally love this house throw pillow from Reform School.

Originally spotted on Apartment Therapy. Also, I FINALLY added a throw pillows label.