Walking on Sunshine

I love getting a few new pairs of summer sandals each year. These from ModCloth are adorable!


Boat Tote

L.L. Bean's Boat and Tote canvas bag is a classic. Mix things up by customizing your own to create a pink and orange one!


Take a Snake

This snakey clutch from Marc Jacobs is so clever!


Phoning It In

I don't have an iPhone, but if I did, I'd be all over this Kate Spade cover.


Mobile Home

Jonathan Adler is now carrying mobiles by Higgins. Too pricey for a nursery, but so fun!


On the Cusp

Two cute summertime dresses from Cusp:

Mayfair zigzag dress.

Ruffle-front combo dress.


Check It Out

I have worn shorts exactly once this year (dresses and skirts all the way!), and that was to stand out in 90 degree heat and sell beer at a music festival. BUT, if I had shorts as cute as these, I'd find reasons to wear them more often.

Ruby-check shorts from J. Crew. So cute!


Sun Dress

Today, two summery dresses and a skirt. Three very different styles for one very hot summer.

Lilly Pulitzer.




Tropical Taste

From PBTeen, a few ways to stay in an island mindset all summer long.


Beach bag.



It's In the Air

Pink, orange, and fragrant. The Paddywax Geranium candle from Paper Source.


Life's a Beach

This is pretty much the perfect pink and orange beach towel, from Marimekko.


Orange (and pink!) Crush

I bookmarked this Otylia ring by Kendra Scott, forgot about it, and was totally excited to find it again.


High Stakes

My mom texted me this weekend to say that she saw that the jockey (Jose Valdivia) who won the Belmont Stakes (riding Ruler on Ice) this weekend was wearing pink and orange. Look familiar? Pink and orange are winning colors! 

Hooray for Ruler on Ice!


Easy Breezy

Old Navy is always a good go-to spot for affordable and fun summer styles that, if you only wear them for a year, won't make you feel guilty.


Double-ruffle top.



High Step

Torie sent a link to these cute (but outrageously high!) heels from Jeffrey Campbell.


Look Cool Be Warm

I'm a big fan of the summer scarf, in large part because I work in a frigid office. So, here are some options.

High: Missoni

Low: Fred Flare

Something for everyone!


Very Perry

Kudos to Laura for IDing Ann Curry's cute dress! It's Lisa Perry. A quick glance at her website, and it's easy to see that she's a designer that loves bold blocks of color. Here are a few cute examples.


Bathing Beauty

One-pieces seem to be making a comeback. At least according to my online browsing. I can't remember the last time I was at a beach or a pool with throngs of people...so I'm no expert on what people are wearing out in public.

Regardless, I am digging this retro suit from J. Crew.

And if you prefer two-pieces, no worries!


Happy Halter

What a sophisticated halter from Ann Taylor. Love the flowers!


This is Today

Yesterday morning Ann Curry was wearing an adorable pink dress with orange pockets on the Today Show. I haven't been able to track down the designer (does anyone know?), but when I went to get a screen-grab of it for the blog, I found her doing an interview with a guest who was wearing this Kate Spade dress. Whoah! Pink and orange everywhere!


Delightful Doll

Is it weird to have a doll that looks like you? Probably. But I WANT ONE OF THESE.

Love her! And if I'm going to have a doll that looks like me, I might as well have one that looks like Bernie. Check out Janefoster on Etsy for lots of cuteness. Spotted on ohdeedoh.