This is Today

Yesterday morning Ann Curry was wearing an adorable pink dress with orange pockets on the Today Show. I haven't been able to track down the designer (does anyone know?), but when I went to get a screen-grab of it for the blog, I found her doing an interview with a guest who was wearing this Kate Spade dress. Whoah! Pink and orange everywhere!


  1. Lovely! I love pink dresses!!

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  2. She is wearing it again today!! How can we find this dress? It is so cute!

  3. This dress is so dang cute! I think I will sew it myself, bc I cannot stand not to have this, unless someone knows who created this?

  4. We found it! The dress is by Lisa Perry. Here's the info: http://pinkplusorange.blogspot.com/2011/06/very-perry.html

    I saw Ann wearing it again too this morning. I still love it!

  5. Emily! You rock! Great job finding this dress! I am so sad that it is $895. Shoot. I can't do that. Loved looking at the other dresses on the website. I love her style. The white with the multi-color flowers is pretty cute, too. So appreciate you solving this mystery. Maybe "anonymous" will make one for all of us? Pleeeeeeeeze? I'm a size 10. Ha.

  6. Kudos to my buddy Laura, she was the sleuth who tracked down the source. I'm in agreement that $900 is way too spendy, but sewing orange circle pockets on to a pink dress doesn't sound too difficult! It's a simple enough shape and style that I wouldn't be surprised to see a knock-off from a cheaper chain store.