Such Great Heights

While trying to locate a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes online (more on those tomorrow), I found these Gianni Bini's. You'll never catch me in heels this high, but kudos to anyone who can pull them off!

1, 2, 3.


To A Teepee

I don't have good source info for this photo, but I spotted it on Apartment Therapy recently, with a link to Dwell. LOVE. THIS. TEEPEE.


Mixed Bag

A few items of note:

Belt from J. Crew.

Dress from Old Navy.

Tee from Urban Outfitters.


Block Party

My mother-in-law sent me a link to this cute bedding from Serena and Lily. The block-printed elephants could look really exotic and fun in a kid's (or adult's!) room.

Quilt and sham.


Go with the Flow

This flowy, pleated dress from Modcloth isn't really my style, but I think it could be super cute on someone else!


Shoe Shine

I don't know what to call these shoes from ASOS, and I'm a little stumped about what one would wear with them. They're sort of a cut-off cowboy boot, but there's something athletic about them too. Any ideas?


Keep Me Posted

I noticed two excellent uses of pink and orange in Apartment Therapy posts in the past couple of days. They weren't the focus of the posts, more of just illustrations. My kind of illustrations.

From a post about decluttering the living room.

From a post about wallpaper in the kitchen.


Layer Up

The other day I was wearing a sweater dress and couldn't figure out what coat to wear with it. Jud suggested a sweater, but I thought a sweater over a sweater seemed awfully silly.

But then Laura sent me this link, and, as it turns out, Anthropologie disagrees.

What do we think? I'm actually kind of digging it. Along with it came a link to this fun bib necklace.


Highs and Lows

These Lanvin espadrilles are nice....

But the ballet flats are my more style.


Adjust your Altitude

Any of these Brian Atwood shoes would make a serious statement. A seriously expensive statement.

Colorblock pumps.

Braided espadrilles.

Strappy cage sandals.


Bow Wow Meow

I don't have a dog (we prefer rabbits around here) but in the unlikely event that I were to ever get a dog, it would have to have a cute collar. These from Bella Bark & Meow fit the bill.

Number 1, number 2, number 3, and number 4. Originally spotted over at How About Orange.


Play Time

What kid wouldn't love this playroom? And the rug?! Sold.

Via Apartment Therapy.


Peachy Keen

What a sweet little girl's room from Apartment Therapy. A note: AT has just merged ohdeedoh into the main Apartment Therapy blog, as part of a "family" channel. I don't really understand yet, but just thought I'd share. Now back to the cute room.


Satchel Sensation

My mom and I spotted this stunner of a Marc Jacobs bag at Nordstrom over the holidays. The flap is definitely a red-orange, as it looked orange sitting next to a pair of Tory Burch flats in the shoe section, and red sitting on a shelf in the handbag section.

As you may remember, this bag is the big brother to this bag.


On A Roll

The holidays have put me all off schedule, but we will now be returning to our regularly scheduled programming!

You guys. Have you seen the commercials for Cottonelle's rather silly toilet paper roll covers? Well, I thought they were goofy, but I've adjusted my attitude now that I've seen that our buddy Jonathan Adler has designed a line. Look at the one on the left!

I'm seriously considering placing an order. They are $4 each, or $2 each if you buy Cottonelle and enter a code from the package. They're made of plastic and would be good for storing other small goodies, right?

I read about these on How About Orange, who saw it on Felt&Wire.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are back in Atlanta, unpacking all of our Christmas goodies. We had a great time at home and enjoyed being spoiled by our folks.

Here are a few final pink and orange things that came back with me from Texas: a Vera Bradley bag, a vintage tea towel, some spotty socks, four ornaments, and a scarf that's pink on one side and orange on the other.