Layer Up

The other day I was wearing a sweater dress and couldn't figure out what coat to wear with it. Jud suggested a sweater, but I thought a sweater over a sweater seemed awfully silly.

But then Laura sent me this link, and, as it turns out, Anthropologie disagrees.

What do we think? I'm actually kind of digging it. Along with it came a link to this fun bib necklace.


  1. we would not wear that look. there are twinsets and their is incongruous nonsense. you could have worn a cardigan over a sweater - no problem. that would be just fine. but that anthro pick show two sweaters of the same type in the exact same weave. not good. vary knits as you would pattern: by scale, etc.

  2. Good points. I was unsure about the sweater until I saw the photo of the model wearing it. Unfortunately, now that the sweater is sold out, that photo appears to be gone. It looked better on a real person than I had imagined.