Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 48

First of all, I wore pink and orange on Thursday and actually remembered to document it. Success! I was wearing an orange Cremieux polo dress and my favorite J. Crew cardigan (I have it in 4 colors).

Aside from my outfit, I wanted to talk make-up for a minute. I've been a lipgloss girl for ages and ages, but recently I tried out Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. It's like a lipstick, but really creamy and light. Perfect! 

The first shade I picked up was Sweet Tart, a light pink. Then I kept wandering back over to the make-up aisle and checking out Tutti Frutti, a bright orange. They're both great and although I have no interest in matching my lipstick to my outfit, these two seem to cover all my bases. Although I do have my eye on Candy Apple...Anyways, here they are:

Turns out that taking a picture of your own mouth is hard to do, so the tissue kisses will have to do. And that sliver of a make-up bag you see at the top? I got my hands on the Kate Spade one I'd been eyeing for half-off! Here's another shot:


Lounge Around

I've picked up a few new, much needed, pairs of PJs lately. I'm thinking I might also need these pants (on sale) from Anthropologie.


A+ Accessories

On a few recent trips to Anthropologie to buy things like knobs and handles, I've spotted some fun jewelry. Check it out!

Dangly earrings.

Suede and metal bracelet.

Ribbon and stone necklace.

Schmancy bracelet.


On The Homefront

I mentioned last week that Jud and I have undertaken a major clean-up at home. Basically, we thought we were going to move, looked at a few places, changed our minds, and decided that instead we'd make our current apartment work better for us. We've spent a couple of weeks selling, throwing away, recycling, and donating everything we don't want or need. We also decided to tackle our bathroom, which, as you might remember from a few previous posts, was neon green. And I was OVER it.

So, I'm sharing all of this because our new bathroom is........pink and orange! The walls are a light peachy-pink called Pale Shrimp. It works great with all our orange accents, plus new linens from West Elm and art from Youngblood. Check it out!

We love it. The bathroom is so bright and light that it positively glows. Neon green is probably the least flattering color to have in a bathroom, and I think pale pink may be the most flattering. No more feeling like the Joker when I look in the mirror!

P.S. I should note that the new color was actually Jud's idea. Go figure! We looked at a house with an old-fashioned pink tile bathroom, which I thought would look great with all our orange stuff. When I mentioned it, Jud suggested that we just paint our own bathroom pink instead.

P.P.S. For anyone wondering, it takes four takes of all-in-one paint and primer to cover up neon green. Super fun.



I keep posting things from ModCloth, but it's because I just keep seeing fun, unique pieces! Check out this dress. It's got a a little bit of that "business in the front, party in the back" attitude.


Under Wraps

I've been meaning to post this cute Kate Spade wrap dress. It would be a great piece to transition from summer into fall. Maybe it will be on sale by late summer and that will be an option!


Around the Block

Check out these two colorblock skirts from ModCloth. One short, one long.


Peachy Keen

With me being crazy busy at work and a massive apartment clean-up at home, I've gotten a little behind on blogging. But I'm back! And check out this awesome planter from Peaches + Keen.


Poolside Pink

Trina Turk has done a line for Banana Republic. What a great pairing! I haven't had a chance to check the items out in person, but they look like perfection for a resort getaway. Can't you just see this tunic dress by the pool with a cocktail?


Pinking Clearly

This ModCloth dress is just asking to be worn to a backyard dinner party.


No Hassle Tassel

The little tank from Old Navy would be perfect for the weekend with jeans and flat sandals.


The Long and Short of It

I haven't been in a Gap in ages, but it looks like it's worth a visit to check out the pink and orange.

Maxi dress.



Chair Affair

Apparently Marni is venturing into furniture. Who knew?


Dream Weaver

I like the idea of platform heels (sometimes referred to as "flatforms"), but sometimes they look too clunky, or the platform is too high.

These from Anthro, though, are just right. And how fun is the wicker?!


Plenty of Pleats

The next two weeks are some of my busiest of the year at work, so posting will be light, but hopefully regular.

I spotted this cute dress on ModCloth over the weekend.


Finally Friday

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm glad that this short week is over.

Here are five finds for your weekend. I'm almost through cleaning out my bookmarks folder, which feels almost as good as cleaning out my actual closet. Whew!

Monogrammed blanket from Giggle.

Outdoor Marimekko beanbag from Crate and Barrel.

Espadrilles from Loft.

Hook rug from Trina Turk.

Pom-pom scarf from Loft.