On The Homefront

I mentioned last week that Jud and I have undertaken a major clean-up at home. Basically, we thought we were going to move, looked at a few places, changed our minds, and decided that instead we'd make our current apartment work better for us. We've spent a couple of weeks selling, throwing away, recycling, and donating everything we don't want or need. We also decided to tackle our bathroom, which, as you might remember from a few previous posts, was neon green. And I was OVER it.

So, I'm sharing all of this because our new bathroom is........pink and orange! The walls are a light peachy-pink called Pale Shrimp. It works great with all our orange accents, plus new linens from West Elm and art from Youngblood. Check it out!

We love it. The bathroom is so bright and light that it positively glows. Neon green is probably the least flattering color to have in a bathroom, and I think pale pink may be the most flattering. No more feeling like the Joker when I look in the mirror!

P.S. I should note that the new color was actually Jud's idea. Go figure! We looked at a house with an old-fashioned pink tile bathroom, which I thought would look great with all our orange stuff. When I mentioned it, Jud suggested that we just paint our own bathroom pink instead.

P.P.S. For anyone wondering, it takes four takes of all-in-one paint and primer to cover up neon green. Super fun.


  1. it came out really well. a very soothing shade. love the art and round mirror