Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 48

First of all, I wore pink and orange on Thursday and actually remembered to document it. Success! I was wearing an orange Cremieux polo dress and my favorite J. Crew cardigan (I have it in 4 colors).

Aside from my outfit, I wanted to talk make-up for a minute. I've been a lipgloss girl for ages and ages, but recently I tried out Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. It's like a lipstick, but really creamy and light. Perfect! 

The first shade I picked up was Sweet Tart, a light pink. Then I kept wandering back over to the make-up aisle and checking out Tutti Frutti, a bright orange. They're both great and although I have no interest in matching my lipstick to my outfit, these two seem to cover all my bases. Although I do have my eye on Candy Apple...Anyways, here they are:

Turns out that taking a picture of your own mouth is hard to do, so the tissue kisses will have to do. And that sliver of a make-up bag you see at the top? I got my hands on the Kate Spade one I'd been eyeing for half-off! Here's another shot:

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