Woven Wonder

I spotted this lovely Cole Haan tote at the mall over the weekend. Playful, yet polished.


Fancy Feet

Happy Monday! Today we have some socks for little girls, and some socks for big girls :)




Double Vision

Since the first of the year, I've been wearing glasses on a semi-regular basis. My contacts had just become more and more bothersome, so I finally used my vision insurance to get some new ones (seen here) back in January.

I wear them often enough that I wanted to get another pair, so I was excited to score a Groupon recently for Lookmatic, where I picked up these clear peachy ones, as well and these wooden ones with sunglass tint.

Anyways, this week I came across these Miho glasses from Selima Optique that are very subtly pink and orange. Something to keep in mind if I decide I need yet another pair...


Case Worker

I'd really like to recommend this iPhone case from Kate Spade. It certainly gets high marks for style. Unfortunately, though, from experience, I can tell you that their silicone cases stretch out to the point that the phone falls out. Bummer!

If anyone has better luck with a Kate Spade case, please let me know!


Radical Rug

Someday I'd love to have a big walk-in closet that I can decorate in all pink and orange. If that day were today (it's not, my closet is teeny!), I'd want this rug from CB2 to be the centerpiece.

And maybe I'd need this throw to wrap up in as I decided what pink and orange outfit to wear.


Case Worker

I finally have an iPhone case from Jonathan Adler that I think is going to last (after quickly wearing out two Kate Spades). But I spotted this colorblock J. Crew one last week. I think I'm going to keep an eye on it and, if I see it on sale, put it aside for when I inevitably destroy this one.



Here are some lovelies from J. Crew for your Monday morning.

Necklace and bracelet.



It's Friday! Let's round out the week with this adorable swimsuit from Madewell. If I needed one (which I really don't), I would absolutely order this cute little number.

Their sale is is on sale, making it a cool $50. Go! Buy it!


Hooray for Today

Did anyone else spot Natalie Morales's pink and orange dress on the Today show yesterday morning?

10 points for anyone who can ID this cute little dress! It doesn't look familiar to me, and my Googling hasn't turned anything up.

P.S. She's continuing in the bold tradition of Ann Curry.


High Rent

Are you familiar with Rent the Runway? Basically, it's a website where you can rent a designer dress for a formal event, wedding, party, etc. for way less than the cost of purchasing it. What a good option! Especially if you know that you'll never wear the dress again anyways.

A quick search for pink and orange turned up this FABULOUS maxi dress by Tibi. Quick, someone invite me to a spectacular party!


In The Fold

I keep seeing this Claire Vivier clutch popping up around the internets. So, look at it.

If pink and orange isn't your thing, it comes it pretty much every color.


Shades of Yay

I don't think my Kate Spade shades can be topped (I get complimented on them daily), but for those who like the oversized look, maybe these are more your style.


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 49

On Wednesday I wore this cute pink and orange dress from my mom to work. I had to throw an orange sweater over because, despite the heat outside, the temperature inside my office is sub-zero.

I can't find this specific dress online anymore, but check out these other cute options from Donna Morgan.

One, two, three, four.


Breaking the Mold

We flew in and out of Boston on our trip to Maine, so Jud and I decided to spend a night in Boston before heading home. We spent a couple of hours in Harvard Square, where we discovered Black Ink, a totally awesome store full of stuff you didn't know you needed. My best find? These!

Ok, so I wasn't sure what they were at first either. And all the packaging is in Japanese! But, I was able to figure out that they are egg molds. As someone who eats a hard-boiled egg almost every day, and who has a pet bunny, I couldn't resist these pink and orange cuties. With a little Googling, I was able to find English instructions on how to use them.

On Wednesday night, I tried them out. Peeling a hot egg isn't particularly fun, so this will have to be a special occasion snack! Here are the results:

They're not quite as neat as on the package, mostly because the eggs were a little bigger than the molds. Still cute, though!


Rock Lobster

Jud and I spent the last week in New England, mostly Maine. We caught up with friends and family, spent some time by a lake, and had some city time too. And the best thing? All the lobster! Lobster rolls are my absolute favorite food, but I don't get to eat them too often.

Anyways, while shopping around in Portland, I spotted the perfect Maine souvenir, which will be accompanying me to all upcoming special events.

Isn't it fantastic?! This little clutch is from Shiraleah.



This Apartment Therapy post on multi-colored storage had me drooling. Amazing!


How About It

One of my favorite blogs is How About Orange by Jessica Jones. She's a clever designer and her posts are always perky and fun. So, here are two that I've been meaning to share.

These felt bookmarks would be a fun and affordable gift, and they're a totally doable DIY.

Also, check out these great desktop wallpapers from Herman Miller, which I found out about here. I just cleaned off my desktop for the first time in ages and put these in rotation.



Sometimes we all need to throw a little notebook in your purse for work, a shopping list, or a meeting. I think this purse plus this notebook, both from Kate Spade, would be a winning combination.


Sock Hop

I have a pair of Kate Spade ankle socks that are my favorites. Take a look at these other fun ones!

One, two, three.


Festive Fourth

Happy 4th of July! I hope you're celebrating with friends, family, fireworks, fantastic food, or all of the above! Celebrate fashionably with one of these festivity-friendly frocks.



Old Navy.


Stars of Stripes

There's a major heat wave moving across the country, so everyone is headed to the pool. Be coordinated and stylish in these affordable flip-flops and tankini from Old Navy.


In the Bank

I knew I liked that Elizabeth Banks...check her out in pink and orange!