Breaking the Mold

We flew in and out of Boston on our trip to Maine, so Jud and I decided to spend a night in Boston before heading home. We spent a couple of hours in Harvard Square, where we discovered Black Ink, a totally awesome store full of stuff you didn't know you needed. My best find? These!

Ok, so I wasn't sure what they were at first either. And all the packaging is in Japanese! But, I was able to figure out that they are egg molds. As someone who eats a hard-boiled egg almost every day, and who has a pet bunny, I couldn't resist these pink and orange cuties. With a little Googling, I was able to find English instructions on how to use them.

On Wednesday night, I tried them out. Peeling a hot egg isn't particularly fun, so this will have to be a special occasion snack! Here are the results:

They're not quite as neat as on the package, mostly because the eggs were a little bigger than the molds. Still cute, though!

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