Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 50

As I was walking home yesterday afternoon, I realized that if I posted the outfit I was wearing, I would have finally posted 50 pink and orange outfits. Yay! Mind you, I've worn pink and orange outfits (including this one) at least 50 times without posting it. Either I forget, or I've worn a variation of it before, or I have a bad hair day...

Anyways, I snapped a photo right after I walked in the door. So, I'm sporting my favorite Kate Spade shades and neon coral handbag. The dress is a sharp little sheath from Ann Taylor that my mom bought me this spring. It has sort of a speckled watercolor pattern and looks great with an orange, pink, or purple cardigan.

The color is a little off, and you'll just have to believe me that I'm also wearing pink earrings, orange shoes, and pink toenails.

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