The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is December 1, so it is time for advent. Do you use an advent calendar to count down to Christmas? I like this cute idea of tiny boxes from You Are My Fave. You could fill them with sweet treats, bottles of nail polish, inexpensive jewelry...the [teeny] possibilities are endless!


Saturday Special

I don't know much about this, but I am very, very excited. Kate Spade is launching a new line this spring called "Saturday," which will have a more affordable, everyday, younger vibe than the regular brand. Can't wait! Read more here, here, here, and here. AND, here's a little sneak peak!


Bundle of Joy

It's getting cold out, and babies need to be warm too! Bundle 'em up in this cute sweater and blanket from J. Crew.

P.S. Does anyone seriously buy $145 cashmere sweaters for babies?! The cost per wear is outrageous, and that's assuming you get in a few wears before the baby has an accident and renders the hand-wash-only sweater unwearable.


Pajama Party

These leopard Target PJs are a little crazy, even for me (I opted instead for a white pair with gold dots and black trim). But I think they're totally fun!


Bake Sale

I enjoy baking and trying new recipes, but it's a dangerous hobby, because someone has to eat all those sweet treats! I also love all the cute baking supplies and decorations, like these cute finds from Meri Meri.

One, two, three, four.


Wallet Watch

Happy Black Friday! If you've spent a lot of time today with wallet in hand, maybe you're realizing that it might be time for a new one. Here are two good options, both with pink on the outside and orange on the inside.

Kate Spade.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a restful, enjoyable, and tasty Thanksgiving today!

Tablescape by Jamie Meares of Furbish and I Suwannee.


Fun in the Sun

I'm digging this simple and sunny print from ModCloth:


Paisley Please

If you're a fan a paisley, then take your pick from these Madewell options:

Blouse, dress, scarf.


Drum Major

This adorable print by Mike Lowery is now hanging on my bedroom wall. A marching band of bunny drummers carrying pink and orange flags? It was a no-brainer.

Definitely check out Mike's online shop, but I got the print through the Scoutmob Shoppe with a nice discount.


Make a Statement

I think the statement necklace is here to stay. If you've got a lot to say, then maybe you should consider one of these options:

Joyus and Anthropologie.


Hold the Phone

Does anyone switch out the iPhone cases regularly, to match their mood or their outfit? I stick with one until I've destroyed it (3 this year!), and others that I know tend to do the same. With as much time as we all (ok, me) spend on them though, it's not a crazy idea.

Here are three contenders:

One, two, three. All by Kate Spade. Who, admittedly, has a bad track record with phone cases. I'm hoping they've made some improvements.



I know, I know, these Kate Spade sandals are totally impractical for November. But! So cute!

One, two. Also, I've realized that Nordstrom's website often beats the Kate Spade website to the punch when it's time for new releases. I often spot things there well before they appear on the KS site. Hmm...


Pink and Orange Challenge: Day 53

On Sunday mornings, you can always find me at the Grant Park Farmer's Market, eating a doughnut from Revolution before Jud and I stock up on apples (or peaches) and frozen Greek yogurt. See:

I had somewhere to be later in the day, so I actually got dressed that morning (as opposed to my regular sweatpants/ponytail look). And I wore pink and orange! The top is J. Crew (extra 30% off with code MUSTHAVE), and the shoes are the factory version of J. Crew's Viv bow flat (no longer online). They are totally adorable, and I scored them for next to nothing. The glasses are my favorite pair, from Kate Spade.

And even my delicious doughnut is pink (with some orange sprinkles) and raspberry flavored! Here's a close-up of the tasty goodness:


Party Platters

Let's start off the week with these lovely pink and orange Kate Spade plates. They come in sets of four and would be a fun complement to neutral china or dishware.


Fancy Fest

Is anyone interested in hosting a fabulous holiday party AND spotting me $500 for one of these fabulous dresses? Anyone...?

Kate Spade.

Alice + Olivia.


Basically Bold

I haven't made it to Old Navy lately, but here are a few pink and orange finds I've spotted online.

Colorblock top.

Fleece pullover.

Citrus PJ pants.

Fleece scarf.



I don't think you can have too many zipper pouches and bags for both storage and travel. These two, from Jonathan Adler and J. Crew, are hard to resist!


Lofty Ideas

1. Go vote! Seriously. No excuses.

2. I'm all for a little retail therapy to celebrate your candidate's win or to console yourself because your candidate lost.

3. Maybe Loft would be a good place to start?

 Floral blouse.

Socks with stripes.

Herringbone skirt.

Breezy blouse.


Bake Sale

Do you have a budding baker at your house? Then I think she definitely needs this pink gingham bunny apron from Zara Kids. Adorable!


Pump It Up

Why hello, Everly pumps from J. Crew. Aren't you just lovely?


Round Up

This Kate Spade scarf is a little kooky, but it could come in handy if you need a dozen or so potholders in a pinch!