The January Cure: Day 12

Today's job was to declutter your books and media. Jud and I did an enormous sweep of our books, DVDs, and video games last year. At the beginning of the Cure, I did another sweep and tossed a few more books in the outbox.

So, while I still need to deal with some papers and filing, the rest of this has been taken care of. So, I thought I'd share two resources for getting rid of your books and media.

Half.com–I started using Half.com in college to buy and sell my textbooks, and it's a great way to sell off other books, DVDs, and video games. You just enter the ISBN number, and it tells you what other people are selling the same item for. If you want your stuff to move, then price your item at $.25 to $.50 less that the lowest one listed. Every month or so, check your price and adjust them as needed to stay competitive  Once and item is purchased, you'll get an email with the person's address, and you just toss it in the mail. Half.com is run by eBay, and they take a small cut of your sale, but they also give you a little for shipping.

Paperbacks and bestsellers are a dime a dozen on Half.com, so I've found it to be better for other media or books that are more "special." Which leads to...

PaperBackSwap.com–If you have books that aren't really worth anything, then you can list them here. Like Half.com, you just enter the ISBN numbers. When someone requests a book, you put it in the mail. Instead of getting paid, though, you earn a point that you can use to request a book that you want. So, basically, you trade. The selection isn't particularly amazing, but you can create a wishlist and be notified when a book becomes available. They also have sister sites where you can swap CDs and DVDs, and points can be transferred between them. If you are feeling generous, you can donate your points to schools or members of the military so that they can order books.

I think most of us are guilty of harboring collections of once-watched DVDs and never-read books, and a little media cleanse is a great way to to free up shelf space.

One last tip: Find a spot to store all of the items you have listed online. Then, when something is requested, you don't have to dig through all of your entire library to locate it. Also have a few sizes of mailing envelopes, packing tape, and address labels on hand.

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