The January Cure: Day 10

Today's Cure assignment was to work on your big goal project. As I decided on Day 5, my big project is to deal with all the little projects that I've been putting off. Crossing a few things off my list each day feels great.

Here's what I accomplished today:

  • put the bunnies on a short date (bonding our bunnies has become a long, long project)
  • got a quote for having our couch cushions repaired (and I will drop them off on Thursday)
  • finished reorganizing my dresser and nightstand drawers
  • reorganized the cubbies of stationary, party supplies, and paper goods
  • oiled the dining room table
In total, this all took about an hour. I'm tempted to continue to add to my physical list (I've certainly been adding to my mental list), but I think I'll hold off for now. I'm enjoying seeing my to-dos shrink each day :)

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