The January Cure: Day 11

Today I was supposed to do a media fast for the evening. No TV, no computer, no smartphone. Well I failed miserably. I am a pro at telavisaphonernetting, a skill I mastered in grad school. Maybe the first step for me is to cut back to one piece of technology at a time.

I'm guilty of leaving the TV on most of the time for background noise. We have a radio and I'd love to listen to NPR at home more often, but it is difficult to get a clear signal in our apartment. I also keep an eye on my work emails that come to my phone throughout the evening, even though I wait to respond until I'm back in the office the next day. I also read tons of articles and blogs online, but find it harder to start a new book. Clearly I need to think about adjusting my habits.

This is one I'm going to have to work at!

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