The January Cure: Day 14

Today I was tasked with getting our files and papers in order, which was already on my to-do list. I finally made file folders for 2013, but I need to locate the little plastic tabs to stick in the top. I also submitted a couple of claims for my health spending account (using their snazzy new iPhone app!) and started the process of changing my name on a couple of old mutual funds.

I reorganized our filing cabinet and Jud's desk a little, but not much else to report. In other news, though, we finally took our couch cushions to the reupholster last week. The seat cushions are tufted, and the seams were splitting near the buttons. I've literally been putting this off for years, and I'm so glad we finally just took care of it. We used a local place that had recovered a couple of chairs for us, and they had the cushions back to us in less than 24 hours. Moral of the story: get on it! I spend about a zillion hours on this couch, and now I don't have this little task nagging me every time I'm here.

I hope everyone had a great MLK/Inauguration Day. I appreciated having a day off and was glad to get a few more things done around the apartment.

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