The January Cure: Day 15

Today's job was to get your cords under control. This is something that we had to do by necessity when we first got Bernie over two years ago. Bunnies are notorious cord-chewers, so we had to take precautionary measures by containing the mess of cords that had lived under the living room TV. One trip to Ikea later, and it looked like this:

I don't think Ikea sells this exact product any more, but there are other options out there. Like this one, that lives behind our bedroom TV:

There used to be a mess of cords on the right side of the dresser, but no more!

Pretty much any other cords around here are covered in either this cord cover from Ikea or plastic tubing from the hardware store. Dixie, our newer bunny, is much more adventurous (and naughty) than Bernie. She's ruined a surge protector, an iPhone cord, and a Macbook cord. The $80 to replace that computer cord wasn't fun, so it's now fully coated:

Do you cords drive you crazy? The Container Store and Poppin both have lots of helpful options for getting them under control. I recently got the Cable Turtle for the incredibly long cord on my hair straightener and it makes the bathroom feel so much neater.

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