The January Cure: Day 17

As we come into the home stretch on the Cure, I'm running out of stuff to do, but that's nothing to complain about! Today's assignment was to think about the lighting in your living room. Our apartment is a loft, so our living room is also the dining room, office, and kitchen.

The Cure suggests having alternative sources of light than just the overheard. I totally hate the overhead light in our living room; it's really harsh and usually only gets turned on if we're cleaning. Instead, we have a lamp on either side of the room, usually leave the kitchen light on (it's behind the couch/living room area), and often leave the pendant light over the dining table on. None of these sources are particularly bright, so they create a nice atmosphere. We have lamps on either side of the TV, but they're distracting if the TV is on. We usually only turn those on for parties.

I had to learn about ambient lighting when I lived in DC because my tiny studio didn't have an an overhead light. I had four lamps, tube lighting underneath my bed and couch, and usually left the closet light on.

In our current situation, the only change I'd like to make is to have a spot to sit with a bright light for reading. Our ambient lights are great most of the time, but if we want to read, we have to go in the bedroom.

Here are a few shots of our living room lighting:

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