The January Cure: Day 2

Thursday's task in The Cure was to create an Outbox. What's an Outbox? I'll let Apartment Therapy explain:

"The Outbox...is a halfway house where things sit while their fate is being decided...Once an item has sat in the Outbox for some time, it releases its hold over the owner and becomes just an ordinary object that one can easily decide what to do with."

Fortunately, this is an easy concept for me. Jud and I keep a bag in our laundry room for clothes that we want to sell, which we add to throughout the year, then take them to our favorite resale stores once or twice a season.

We already had such a bag going, so that was my start. I threw in a few pairs of shoes that I haven't been wearing and two thoroughly used and loved old handbags. I also did a quick scan of our books and found a few that I no longer want, along with a couple of cookbooks. Finally, I spent a few minutes in the bathroom, dealing with my overly large collection of hotel toiletries. Does anyone else out there hoard those travel-sized items, but then never use them? I tossed all the unused ones that I don't want into a plastic bag and added that to the Outbox as well.

Here's a pictures of the lovely pile in the corner of our tiny laundry room:

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