The January Cure: Day 3

Lot of progress in The January Cure this weekend! I got lucky, though, because I had already done everything that was assigned for Day 3.

Buy flowers? Did it on Thursday!

Purchase green cleaning products? Already have them.

Vacuum and mop? Check and check. In fact, Jud and I got a new vacuum for Christmas that has rocked my world. Seriously. Our old one had been parents' and was older than I am. After a trip around the apartment with the new one, the canister was so full that you would think I had never vacuumed this apartment. It was so satisfying that I spent the next day thinking of nooks and crannies that I might have missed so that I could vacuum again that night.

So, since I was ahead of the game, I worked on a few other tasks from my list. First up, the bar. Here's the before:

Ugh, such a cluttered mess. And the dying bamboo is a nice touch. We've been collecting old decanters, but they're totally obscured by everything else. So, 10 minute of rearranging later...

MUCH better. And I was able to add in a wine decanter and some glasses that were stored in other cabinets.

While I was at it, I decided the shelves over the adjacent kitchen counter needed a makeover as well. Here's the before:

Not bad, but there were a few displaced items from the bar that were now homeless. One quick rearrange later, and I had this:

Not a huge difference, but the shelves are now more functional. After that, I headed over to the entryway. Here's our yellow buffet before:

This is a space that's been redecorated a dozen times, but it was starting to feel a little cluttered. The huge book is Phaidon's The Art Museum. It's an amazing compilation of the best artworks in the world bound into one "museum," and every few days we flip to a new page to display.

The stacks of red books are a cool set of 70s decorating encyclopedias (more here). The other treasures include a selzer bottle and penguino pitcher from our honeymoon in Argentina, a gold pear, a rabbit candlestick, a teeny painting of a werewolf, and a wind-up rabbit drummer. It took a little while, but here was the final result:

A few years ago, you might have called my decorating style "clutter chic." Every time I rearrange, I try to embrace a "less is more" philosophy.

And, finally, Jud and I picked up a couple of new pillow shams on sale at Youngblood on Sunday. The store is changing owners, and everything was marked down 40%. Here's one of our living room sofas before:

This is just a slice of our crazy pillow situation. Of the nine in our living room, only two matched. Five minutes (and some serious stuffing) later, we had this:

A small change, but it feels more cohesive now. (Note: Those sock monkeys? They are siamese twins!)

So, less than a week in, and so far I'm enjoying making a concerted effort to get things in order for the new year. Did anyone else do any cleaning or rearranging this weekend?

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