The January Cure: Day 4

Monday's task in the cure was pretty simple: sit in a place in your apartment that you rarely sit and look around for ten minutes. The goal is to gain a new perspective and consider new ideas for improving your space.

So! I am blogging from this chair:

Located right next to the TV, I look at it all the time, but I rarely sit here. It does, though, give me an opportunity to look over the entire main room of our apartment. As I look around, I actually feel really good about the layout and design that we've gone with. An open loft like ours is a challenge, but in the four and a half years that Jud and I have lived here, we've made constant changes to make the space both more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the suggestions was to think about how the space looked empty. I can't do that without thinking about all of the other furniture layouts we've had in here over the years. At one point we had four (yes FOUR) sofas. When we moved in, all of my furniture was pink and red and all of Jud's was green and brown. A stranger could literally walk around and point out which of us each item had previously belonged to.

So, while I haven't had any big lightbulbs go off, I do see a few areas that need work. Our two bunnies are currently living in separate pens while we bond them, and then we've had to temporarily block off another area where they were causing trouble. I love them, but all of this is taking up about a third of our living space. We need to continue the work to get them fully bonded and sharing one pen so we can regain some room.

Also, we've made huge strides in de-cluttering  but I still see areas for improvement: Jud's desk, the top of the fridge, and our mail area (AT calls it a "landing strip") could all use another look. Several years ago I hung fabric from the underside of our bar to hide big items like a folding table, our luggage, and the Christmas tree. I would love to be able to open that area up, but since we don't have any "real" closets, there is literally nowhere else to keep these things.

Anyone else feel like taking 10 minutes to sit down and think about your home? What did you discover?

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